Join us at Cloudera Sessions as like-minded data innovators from around Denver come together for a comprehensive day of exploring the different stages of the data journey.

Whether you are trying to increase operational efficiencies, discover and automate analytics, or transform your industry through unique data applications, we will walk you through our first hand experience of helping organizations build a modern architecture in order to make analytics pervasive across their organization.

Cloudera Sessions 2016
Denver | 4.12.16

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, Autograph
321 17th St
Denver, CO


8:00AM - Breakfast in the partner pavilion

9:00AM - Keynote: Big Value with Big Data

Data is transforming industries and creating massive value for businesses. It can help us better understand our world, build innovative products and services, and manage operational risk and compliance. Taking advantage of these opportunities, including the internet of things, requires a modern approach to working with data, and success takes more than just applying new technologies like Apache Hadoop. Join us to learn how to get started on your journey to a data strategy.

10:00AM - Break

10:30AM - Customer speaker: Clickfox

ClickFox builds  end-to-end journeys from massive amounts of uncorrelated RAW data to solve Customer Experience use cases for its customers. ClickFox’s solution produces a contextualized Journey Dataset (JDS) with the help of Cloudera and Hadoop that when used by applications, predictive models, decisioning systems, and alerting systems has brought large savings and revenue opportunities to diverse customers from Fortune 100 financial services institutions to manufacturers.  

11:00AM - Customer speaker: Dish Network

12:00PM - Lunch

1:00PM - Breakouts

Hadoop and Spark Essentials

New to Hadoop and Spark or still need to sharpen your understanding? Trying to figure out what Sqoop, Flume or Hive are and what they can be used for? If so, you're not alone. Hands on Hadoop and Spark is the ultimate guide to help you take your understanding to the next level. Join Cloudera as we take you through the origins of Hadoop, discuss existing and new projects, what they are used for, and how you can apply Hadoop and Spark to modernize your data architecture.

Architecture Modernization - New approaches to data engineering using Apache Hadoop

As your company aims to integrate more data sources, new approaches can help you ensure critical systems are running in an optimal fashion and that future data types will not present added complication.  Whether you are looking to modernize and consolidate your existing environment or build new data pipelines an enterprise data hub architecture gives you an ecosystem of tools to address your data.  See how Hadoop fits into your current analytic environment and learn about common project risks.

Driving a True Customer 360 with Apache Hadoop

Organizations spanning all industries are in pursuit of Customer 360, which aims to integrate and enrich customer information across multiple channels, systems, devices and products in order to improve the interaction experience and maximize the value delivered. With an Enterprise Data Hub, powered by Apache Hadoop, organizations can effectively stitch together a true 360-degree view of their customer base that goes beyond the traditional segmentation attributes in order to deliver personalized offerings, improve marketing effectiveness and drive down churn.

3:00PM - Happy Hour reception


  • Imtiaz Ali

    VP, Engineering

  • Brian Walter

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • John Darrah

    Sales Engineering Manager

  • Kamal Maheshwari

    Sales Engineer

  • David Tishgart

    Director of Partner Marketing, Cloudera

    David is responsible for developing and executing marketing and enablement programs with Cloudera's strategic software and cloud platform partners. Prior to joining Cloudera, David ran business development and marketing at Gazzang, an enterprise data security software company that was eventually acquired by Cloudera. David brings more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software, hardware and services marketing to Cloudera. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Eric Moore

    IT Manager
    Dish Network


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