Tim O'Reilly to Keynote Hadoop World 2010 in New York City


Confirmed Hadoop World Presenters Include Experts From GE, Twitter, eBay, Facebook, Orbitz, Yahoo!, AOL and More

PALO ALTO, CA– (Marketwire – August 5, 2010) – Cloudera, a leading provider of Hadoop-based data management software and services, today announced a sample of the speaker line up for Hadoop World 2010, which includes Keynote speaker Tim O’Reilly. The Hadoop World 2010 conference will take place Tuesday, October 12, at the Hilton New York in New York City.

Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media and notable supporter of the free software and open source movements, will give the keynote for Hadoop World 2010. He has led O’Reilly Media’s pursuit to be a catalyst for technology change by capturing and transmitting the knowledge of “alpha geeks” and other innovators. Tim also published, “The Whole Internet User’s Guide & Catalog,” the first popular book about the Internet, which was later selected by the New York Public Library as one of the most significant books of the twentieth century.

The one-day event features 36 informative sessions across business and technical tracks spanning infrastructure, applications and use cases. Sessions at Hadoop World are ideal for attendees interested in the technical details and business applications of Hadoop.

Hadoop World has is being supported by an all-star list of sponsors including: Intel, Greenpum, Pentaho, Karmashpere, HP, Netezza, Quest, AsterData, NorthScale, Booz Allen Hamilton, SuperMicro, AMD, Talend and Datameer.

In addition to the one-day conference there will be pre and post conference Hadoop- related training available for developers, administrators and managers. These sessions, exercises and tutorials teach attendees how to work more deeply with Hadoop, as well as related tools such as Hive/Pig and HBase. For more information view the Hadoop World training page.

“This year’s Hadoop World speaker lineup is testament to Hadoop’s adoption within the enterprise,” said John Kreisa, vice president of marketing at Cloudera. “We are excited to have Tim keynote the conference and attendees can expect to hear firsthand from Hadoop experts how Hadoop is solving real business problems, driving new kinds of analytics and integrating into their data management strategies.”

A partial list of confirmed speakers and their topics for discussion include:

  • Twitter, “The Hadoop Ecosystem at Twitter” – Kevin Weil, Analytics Lead
  • General Electric, “Sentiment Analysis Powered by Hadoop” Linden Hillenbrand, Product Manager – Hadoop Technologies
  • Facebook, “HBase in Production at Facebook” – Jonathan Gray, Software Engineer, Open Source Advocate
  • Yahoo!, “ZooKeeper in Online systems, Feed processing and Cluster Management” – Mahadev Konar, Software Engineer
  • Orbitz Worldwide, “Hadoop and Hive at Orbitz” – Jonathan Seidman, Lead Software Engineer
  • AOL, “AOL’s Data Layer” – Ian Holsman, CTO Relegence
  • eBay, “Hadoop at eBay” – Anil Madan, Director Engineering, Analytical Platform Development

For more information on sessions, go to the Hadoop World agenda page.

Early bird pricing is available until August 11, so register now to take advantage of the low price.

For more information including agenda and venue details visit here or email hadoopworld@cloudera.com.

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