Cloudera Partner Solutions Webinars

Watch a Cloudera Partner Solution webinar to learn more about partner-enabled real-world use cases for data optimization and new business insights.

Our on-demand partner solution webinar archive offers video resources that highlight the joint value our partner solutions provide you for targeted results from your Big Data Platform with Cloudera.

Partner Webinars


Achieving Pervasive Analytics through Data & Analytic Centricity

– Date: May 14, 2015

Cloudera and Teradata discuss the best-in-class solution enabling companies to put data and analytics at the center of their strategy, achieve the highest forms of agility, while reducing the costs and complexity of their current environment.


ETL on Hadoop: How to free up data warehouse capacity and budget to drive bigger insights

View this webinar to learn how shifting ETL workloads to Hadoop – and working with larger, more diverse data – leads to better insights in less time.

Red Hat and Intel

Optimize Your Architecture for Big Data Success

– Date: Jun 18, 2015
Ovum analyst Tony Baer and experts from Cloudera, Red Hat, and Intel enjoy a panel discussion on how to architect your Hadoop environment to exceed your big data business goals.


Modernize your Data Architecture for Fast Ingestion

– Date: Mar 11, 2015
Cloudera and Informatica share how enterprises are complementing their traditional data management architectures in order to bring more data to more users in less time.

Trifacta and Zoomdata

How to Use Hadoop to Predict & Prevent Customer Churn

With more complete data and deeper understanding of the consumer, some telcos have developed predictive capabilities to identify at-risk customers and proactively prevent them from churning to a competitor.

Cloudera, Trifacta, and Zoomdata demonstrate how an enriched view of better data from more sources can help telcos reduce churn.


Build Smart Applications Faster on Hadoop

– Date: Apr 21, 2015
Why take the analytics gleaned from Hadoop and operationalize it on another system? Put your analytics and insights into action directly on Hadoop. In this webinar, we will cover how organizations are accelerating the development of analytic applications using the open source CDAP project on an enterprise data hub .

IDG, Imperva

How to Secure Your Big Data Environment

Join the experts as they discuss how you can have a strategy for your data that keeps it secure and compliant while giving examples of companies that have already done this successfully.


Modernizing the Operational Data Store with Hadoop

– Date: Mar 5, 2015
In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn why operational data stores need to be modernized and how some users are doing it, as well as how Hadoop makes a highly scalable and cost-effective platform for ODSs, especially when compared to traditional relational databases


How to Connect Cloudera to SAP Lumira with Simba

– Date: Feb 5, 2015
Learn how to integrate Cloudera Enterprise with SAP Lumira via embedded connectivity from Simba Technologies.


Govern This! Data Discovery and the application of data governance with new stack technologies

– Date: May 1, 2014
Tableau joins us to share and demo how to apply governance to the discovery layer in an enterprise data hub while still meeting the speed and agility requirements of the business user. We also provide a Cloudera Navigator demo along with the Tableau demo.


SAS and Cloudera – Analytics at Scale

– Date: May 7, 2014
Learn about SAS and Cloudera technical integration, how SAS builds on the enterprise data hub, and SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop, machine learning capabilities.

Digital Reasoning

Cognitive Computing, Technology & Infrastructure: Driving Situational Awareness throughout the Financial Institution

– Date: June 17, 2014
Learn current state and future risk and compliance challenges facing the financial services industry, More

how cognitive computing paired with a scalable, secure and managed infrastructure can close current surveillance gaps, while reducing false positives and revealing real risks, and what is needed to operationalize and manage a bank-wide Hadoop environment.

Revolution Analytics

R + Hadoop: Ask Bigger (and New) Questions and Get Better, Faster Answers

– Date: October 16, 2013
Revolution Analytics and Cloudera allow you to derive new business insights from Big Data by providing a joint solution to store, process, and analyze all your data at scale.


Big Data Retail Therapy: How big data tempts customers to buy more

– Date: July 24, 2014
Learn how to tap consumer data for your business analysts, data scientists, and marketers, to tailor offers and customize promotions that build customer loyalty. Gain real-world insights from Pentaho, Cloudera, and edo Interactive, a big data trailblazer.


Delivering Insightful Analytics in a Data Driven World

– Date: December 05, 2012
Understand what Hadoop is and what Hadoop means to Big Data, understand how to effectively operate Hadoop, and learn from real world use cases how Hadoop is currently being implemented.


How to Leverage Mainframe Data with Hadoop: Bridging the Gap between Big Iron & Big Data

– Date: September 23, 2013
Syncsort and Cloudera will help you learn more about the cost savings and other benefits of ingesting and processing your mainframe data in Hadoop.


Impala Unlocks Interactive BI on Hadoop

– Date: May 23, 2013
Cloudera and MicroStrategy share how Impala is uniquely architected to provide an interactive SQL experience native to Hadoop, and provide a short demo of how you can leverage the power of MicroStrategy 9.3.1.


How Big Data Analytics Complement Your Existing Data Warehouse

– Date: September 18, 2013
With Datameer and Cloudera, you can move all the data your business needs quickly into one environment and shorten the time to insight from months to day. More

Learn how to extend the life of your existing data warehouse investments.

Syncsort + Tableau

Syncsort, Tableau, & Cloudera present: Break the Barriers to Big Data Insight

– Date: March 06, 2014
Join us to rethink data management and learn how to break down barriers to Big Data insight with Cloudera's enterprise data hub (EDH), Syncsort offload solutions, and Tableau Software visualization and analytics.


Big Data Reference Architecture for Data Warehouse Optimization

– Date: November 19, 2013
Join architectural specialists from Informatica and Cloudera to find out how to lower data warehouse costs, reduce performance bottlenecks, improve scalability and increase productivity up to 5X.

Teradata + MongoDB

Better Together: The New Data Management Orchestra: Teradata, MongoDB, & Cloudera

Executives at Cloudera, Teradata and MongoDB explain how to deploy the right mix of tools and technology to become a data-driven organization, share examples of three major data management systems working together, and provide real world examples of how business and IT are benefiting from the sum of the parts.