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The Big Data stack is rich and complex, spanning storage, distributed processing, programming, data integration, metadata management, and much more. 

Behind each of these links you'll find resources for getting hands-on with Big Data via CDH, Cloudera's 100% open-source distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects, and Cloudera Manager, Cloudera's end-to-end management application for CDH clusters.

 New to Hadoop
    (Getting-started resources for Hadoop learners)

 New to Data Science
    (Getting-started resources for doing advanced analytics)

 Data Processing & Analytics
    (Collection, Storage, Transformation/Enrichment & Analysis)

 Cluster Management & DevOps
    (Deployment, management, monitoring, and automation)

 Application Development
    (Development of applications on top of the CDH platform)

 CDH Components

 Hadoop How-tos

 Product Release Notes