How to Contribute


Community Forums

Customers and users of Cloudera's platform can post questions, get advice, build online reputations, and generally participate in a wide selection of community discussion forums. These forums are monitored by committers and support personnel.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a good way to share your knowledge with other community members who may need help or advice.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC is a another good method for group or private discussion; several channels (#hadoop, #hadoop-pig, #hive, #hbase, etc.) are available for Hadoop-related communities. 





User Groups & Meetups

User groups and meetups - around Hadoop, Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics - are the primary gathering points for enthusiasts of all skill levels around the world. See the link below for a directory and sponsorship information.

Social Networks

Sharing your knowledge via social communities and networks is a form of contribution!


Contributing to Apache Projects

Most Hadoop-related projects are managed via the Apache Software Foundation; contributions may be made via the Apache JIRA system. 

Contributing to non-Apache Projects

A few projects, such as those not yet incubating at Apache, are managed via Github repositories.