Cloudera and User Groups/Meetups

Cloudera is a proud supporter and sponsor of user/meetup groups around the world focusing on Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Big Data, Data Science/BI/Analytics, Java, and Cloudera Manager.

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We are happily committed to giving user group/community enthusiasts the support they need to make their groups bigger/more diverse, more active, and of course, as fun and interesting as possible! For that reason, we offer these groups sponsorships in a choice of formats: Annual or Ad Hoc.

Annual Sponsorships (US & Canada only)

Annual sponsorships are available at three levels, depending on the size, activity level, and maturity of your group. They take the form of annual cash grants that you can apply to food & beverage, meeting space, Website infrastructure, logo design, or anything else that serves the group’s interest. We’ll also ship you a stockpile of T-shirts or other swag to distribute at your meetings across the year.

Level Name Requirements Annual Grant Amount
Startup Level Your group must have a name, organizer, and functional Web page US$250
Organizing Level At least 4 meetings per year averaging 25 attendees or more US$500 (nonprofit status required)
Cruising Level At least 8 meetings per year averaging 50 attendees or more US$1000 (nonprofit status required)

In return, we only ask that you acknowledge Cloudera as a sponsor on your site along with our logo and a link to – and send us some photos from your meetings, from time to time!

Ad Hoc Sponsorships

Instead of an annual sponsorship, ad hoc sponsorships for individual meetings are possible on a case-by-case basis; we’ll also provide speakers whenever schedules and geography allow. However an annual sponsorship gives you much more flexibility because funds can be applied to things beyond food & beverage. (Note: groups on the “Annual” plan are ineligible for Ad Hoc sponsorships.)

Request a Sponsorship

Simply fill out this form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Request a Speaker (With No Sponsorship)

If you simply desire a speaker with no sponsorship involved, send an email to with details about the group/meetup name, meeting date and location, and desired speaker/topic. (At least 4 weeks notice is desirable.) We’ll reply as soon as we can.