This is the documentation for Cloudera Connectors for Teradata 1.x.
Documentation for other versions is available at

Choosing a Teradata Connector

Cloudera connectors allow you to exchange information between Teradata appliances and Hadoop ecosystem components such as Hive, HBase, HDFS, or HCatalog. Cloudera provides the following Sqoop-based connectors that you can use to exchange data between CDH and Teradata:

  • Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata
  • Cloudera Connector for Teradata
  Important: Use only one of these connectors. If you install multiple connectors, a connector is chosen arbitrarily when a job is run, producing unexpected results.

Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata is a joint engineering effort of Teradata and Cloudera and provides the best possible performance when transferring data between CDH and Teradata. Cloudera strongly recommends using this connector for new projects, and recommends that existing customers migrate to this connector.

The older Cloudera Connector for Teradata is supported in CDH 4, but is not available for CDH 5.