This is the documentation for Cloudera 5.3.x. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Hue Incompatible Changes

  • In HUE-1859, the LDAP synchronization backend was moved to a generic middleware. If your code uses DesktopSynchronizationBackendBase, you will need to create your own middleware, and extend the new LdapSynchronizationMiddleware. Put that new custom middleware class in the middleware= line of the [desktop] section of hue.ini. The following example uses a middleware called desktop.auth.backend.my_middleware.
    # Comma-separated list of Django middleware classes to use.  
    # See for more details on middlewares in Django.  
  • HUE-1658 [oozie] Hue depends on OOZIE-1306 which is in CDH 5 Beta 2 but has not been included in any other release yet. Set the following backward compatibility flag to false to use the old frequency number/unit representation instead of the new crontab.
    enable_cron_scheduling = false
  • Hue 3.0.0 was a major revision of Hue. The user interface changed significantly.
  • CDH 5 Hue requires Python 2.6 and above, effectively dropping support for Python 2.4 and 2.5. Hue will install without Python 2.6, but will not start.
      Note: RHEL 5 and CentOS 5 users will have to download Python 2.6 from the EPEL repository. See Installing Hue for instructions.
  • The Beeswax daemon has been replaced by HiveServer2. Hue should therefore point to a running HiveServer2. This change involves removing the Beeswaxd code entirely and the following major updates to the [beeswax] section of the Hue configuration file, hue.ini.
      # Host where Hive server Thrift daemon is running.
      # If Kerberos security is enabled, use fully-qualified domain name (FQDN).
      ## hive_server_host=<FQDN of Hive Server>
      # Port where HiveServer2 Thrift server runs on.
      ## hive_server_port=10000
  • Search bind authentication is now used by default instead of direct bind. To revert to the previous settings, use the new search_bind_authentication configuration property.
  • The Hue Shell app has been removed completely. This includes removing both the Shell app code and the [shell] section from hue.ini.
  • YARN should be used by default.