This is the documentation for Cloudera 5.4.x. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Cloudera QuickStart VM

To make it easy for you to get started with CDH, Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Impala, and Cloudera Search, these virtual machines include everything you need.

  • These are a 64-bit VMs. They requires a 64-bit host OS and a virtualization product that can support a 64-bit guest OS.
  • To use a VMware VM, you must use a player compatible with WorkStation 8.x or higher: Player 4.x or higher, ESXi 5.x or higher, or Fusion 4.x or higher. Older versions of WorkStation can be used to create a new VM using the same virtual disk (VMDK file), but some features in VMware Tools won't be available.
  • The VM and file size vary according to the CDH version as follows:
    CDH and Cloudera Manager Version RAM Required by VM File Size
    CDH 5 and Cloudera Manager 5 4 GB 3 GB
    CDH 4, Cloudera Impala, Cloudera Search, and Cloudera Manager 4 4 GB 2 GB

Downloading the Cloudera QuickStart VM

The Cloudera QuickStart VM is available in VMware, KVM, and VirtualBox formats and are 7-zip archives. To download the latest virtual machine in the format of your choosing, go to Cloudera QuickStart VM Download.

Installed Products

For information on using the different products installed on the QuickStart VM, see QuickStart VM Products and Services.

Splash Screen

When the QuickStart VM starts, a browser is automatically opened to Hue, a user interface for Hadoop and many other tools in CDH. The credentials are:
  • username: cloudera
  • password: cloudera

The browser also has bookmarks for interacting with many of these tools directly, and command-line tools are also available.

  Note: Not all services are started by default.