Differentiated Technical Support

Expertise for Your Journey to the EDH

With Cloudera Enterprise, you benefit from the most experienced technical support team beside you every step of the way. Cloudera Support features the industry’s only predictive and proactive support capabilities, focused on securing more uptime, rapid issue resolution and prevention, better performance for your mission-critical applications, and faster delivery of the all features you care about.

Expertise When and Where You Need It

Support as a Strategic Advantage. Unique to Cloudera, our Predictive Support model means we're regularly monitoring the status of your EDH environment, allowing us to isolate and prevent issues before they even occur. We also ensure that customers are optimizing their use of Cloudera's technical resources, starting with the onboarding process, by analyzing support cases and platform usage across all deployments via our Proactive Support program.

Dedicated Experts Across the Globe. Cloudera employs a team of engineers around the world that are dedicated to customer success. Each team member has deep expertise across the enterprise data hub, as well as extensive experience with IT and data management infrastructures. Our team is unmatched in its ability to provide timely issue resolution and effective systems integration and optimization.

Leaders in the Hadoop Ecosystem. The ability to contribute code to the projects that make up the enterprise data hub is an absolute requirement, and Cloudera's team of project committers and founders plays a leading role in planning and development across the ecosystem. In addition to extensive knowledge and experience with Hadoop, Cloudera's support and engineering teams can go beyond troubleshooting and workarounds to provide enhancements that matter to customers.

Support at Every Stage of Your Journey

Cloudera provides comprehensive technical support for every component of the enterprise data hub. Whether you’re performing your first proof of concept or operating multiple production clusters, we provide everything you need to meet a full range of service-level agreements.

Experience – the broadest global coverage and deepest knowledge base for superior responsiveness and reliability -- more than 20,000 cases solved

Expertise – combined with systematic case tracking and the most sophisticated diagnostic toolset to accelerate issue resolution

Predictive Support – enabling Cloudera to explore and visualize data across multiple clusters to determine and prevent possible changes in performance before they occur

Proactive Support – technical guidance based on review of known issues and comparison of usage patterns over time for more in-depth support case analysis

Voice of the Customer – your input into Cloudera’s product roadmap and projects supported by the Apache community