Big Data Center of Excellence

Build Solutions for Your Information-Driven Enterprise

The biggest challenge facing today’s enterprise is how to maximize the business benefit of data. Centralization and activation of all your data as part of an enterprise data hub is a first step towards relevant outcomes, and the right strategy, insights, and team can drive growth, operational efficiency, and innovation. But you may also need to build a center of excellence to steward and standardize Big Data projects as use cases proliferate throughout the organization.

Big Data Solutions as a Service

With Cloudera’s Center of Excellence engagement, you can deliver Big Data solutions-as-a-service for your entire company, aligned to key objectives for your industry and operations. Optimize the value of your data and drive best practices across the business:

Scale: systematically learn, develop, deploy, operate, publish, and repeat

Speed: drive adoption via a solutions engine, not autonomous projects

Security: centrally manage access, authorization, audit, and governance

Savings: exploit expertise and increase utilization via a multi-tenant data hub

Manage Disruption throughout the Enterprise

A center of excellence ensures you can disrupt the industry without disrupting your business. It provides an environment for teams to learn crucial technical skills and apply information-driven practices to decision-making. As new projects are developed, your team will draw on best practices and milestones published from past pilots to improve operational efficiency and focus on achieving business outcomes.

A Center of Excellence engagement with Cloudera Professional Services will set your organization on the path to building a rapidly scalable solutions engine using Big Data and Hadoop. Available services include:

  • Use case discovery and planning
  • Deployment of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition
  • Staffing, skills, and organizational assessment and recommendations
  • Workshops on operational efficiency, programmatic best practices, and process change

Contact us to learn more about how to build a center of excellence for your organization and begin scaling best practices and infrastructure across the business.