Hadoop Production Readiness

Speed Your Timeline to Advanced Big Data Applications

Transitioning any solution from the pilot phase to production requires careful evaluation of the application architecture, hosting platform, and team structures and procedures. A flawed rollout can set back production by months, driving up costs and preventing downstream progress towards sophisticated analytics, monetization, and data science. Cloudera will evaluate and review your existing applications, cluster, and team to recommend any changes necessary for a successful production rollout.

A typical Hadoop Production Readiness engagement lasts four weeks and consists of:

  • Review current and future Hadoop requirements
  • Review the Hadoop application architecture, ingestion pipeline, data schema, and data partitioning system
  • Review any data processing jobs or analytics processes
  • Review the data-serving and results-publishing systems
  • Run standard and possibly specialized performance tests
  • Recommend performance tuning, data compression and decompression, and scheduler configuration
  • Document the recommended cluster configuration
  • Review the size and skills of the Hadoop development and operations teams
  • Review management and monitoring processes and production procedures

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