RTQ Subscription

Real-time Query with Impala


The RTQ (Real-time Query) subscription is an add-on to Cloudera Enterprise and includes technical support, indemnity and open source advocacy for Cloudera Impala. Impala is a native MPP query engine for Apache Hadoop and an integral part of CDH.

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Impala allows you to:

  • Perform interactive, “speed of thought” analysis via SQL and BI applications
  • Optimize the performance of your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) for operational analytics and reporting
  • Save 90% or more on incremental EDW costs by moving historical data, processing/transformation and exploratory analytics to Hadoop

The Best Way to Leverage the Power of Impala

RTQ is the essential companion to Impala. When you add RTQ to your Cloudera Enterprise subscription, you can take advantage of our market-leading technical support for Impala as well as actively influence the development of the project.

Because Cloudera created and led the development of the Impala project, you will get the highest quality support experience for Impala combined with extensive influence into its development.

RTQ Includes:

  • 8x5 or 24x7 Cloudera Support for Impala
  • Full indemnification for the use of Impala
  • Advocacy within the Impala community to drive roadmap decisions

Other Subscriptions

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  • BDR (Back-up and Disaster Recovery) – adds centralized management for disaster recovery workflows
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