The Bloor Group: Tech Lab Series - Locked and Loaded

This inaugural episode of Tech Lab from veteran Data Scientist, Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky, demonstrates how to lay the foundation for an enterprise data hub using Cloudera. As a former nanotechnologist for the US Navy, Malafsky outlines the critical success factors for designing, implementing and managing an enterprise data hub. In this first part of a three-part series, he shows how Cloudera can be used to load, process and normalize real-world disparate data, preparing it for use in both operational and analytical environments.

Date: Wednesday, Aug 06 2014


As the Hadoop ecosystem evolves, its potential value to organizations increases, and not just for the management of so-called Big Data. In fact, the vector of innovation for Hadoop 2.0 will likely trend toward the increasingly heterogeneous and mission-critical world of enterprise data. The ultimate vision will blend these two worlds in an enterprise data hub, essentially bridging the deterministic domain of business decision-making with the exploratory potential of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.

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