Training a New Generation of Data Scientists

Learn why data scientist is among the most in-demand and highly compensated professions in the world.

Date: Wednesday, Mar 27 2013


Data scientists drive data as a platform to answer previously unimaginable questions. These multi-talented data professionals are in demand like never before because they identify or create some of the most exciting and potentially profitable business opportunities across industries. However, a scarcity of existing external talent will require companies of all sizes to find, develop, and train their people with backgrounds in software engineering, statistics, or traditional business intelligence as the next generation of data scientists.

In this video, Cloudera's Senior Director of Data Science, Josh Wills, discusses what data scientists do, how they think about problems, the relationship between data science and Hadoop, and how Cloudera training can help you join this increasingly important profession. Following the video, Josh answers questions about machine learning, analytics platforms, applications of data science in different industries, and Cloudera's Introduction to Data Science course.

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