Cloudera and SGI

Organizations increasingly recognize the potential of Big Data to transform their business—improving customer retention and acquisition, increasing operational efficiencies, enabling better products and service delivery, and generating new business insights. An analytics-ready data management platform is critical to take full advantage of Big Data.

Historically utilized for complex, computationally intensive problems, High Performance Computing (HPC) is now being applied to Big Data analytics. SGI has been a driving force in HPC for nearly two decades and drawing upon vast expertise in clustered computing, was at the forefront of Apache™ Hadoop® with installations currently totaling tens of thousands nodes.


About SGI

The trusted leader in high performance computing (HPC), SGI (NASDAQ: SGI) is focused on helping customers solve their most demanding business and technology challenges by delivering technical computing, Big Data analytics, cloud computing, and petascale storage solutions that accelerate time to discovery, innovation, and profitability.

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Applying HPC Leadership to Big Data Analytics

The potential gains surrounding Big Data are far reaching and also present new challenges: how to derive value at greater speed, scale, and efficiency.  SGI InfiniteData Cluster with Cloudera is designed to meet this challenge and enables business and government agencies perform Big Data analytics with faster, greater insight and at lower cost.

  • Optimized Performance in ½ the Footprint: Featuring a 1:1 core to storage spindle ratio to speed up analytics, innovative design delivers up to 40 Hadoop nodes and 1.9PB in a single rack— over 2X the compute/storage density of any enterprise-class HPC cluster solution.
  • Save Countless Man Hours:  All solution hardware and software components arrive pre-racked, pre-configured, and pre-tested.
  • Unparalleled Scalability: Start with a small number of nodes or deploy thousands with linear scalability.
  • Superior Serviceability and Energy Efficiency: All components are cold-aisle accessible and requires < 10W per tray for cooling.
  • Expert Services and Cloudera Certification: SGI brings Hadoop architecture expertise and 24x7 support. Solution is fully interoperable with Cloudera partner analytics software.


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