Cloudera and Zoomdata

Next Generation Big Data Analytics

With the rapid adoption of Cloudera technologies such as Impala and Search, businesses are turning to Zoomdata to provide a visualization and analytical layer that is not only capable of stream processing billions of records, but also provides users with an interactive experience that is designed for the business user. Some of the key benefits of Zoomdata’s Next Generation Big Data Analytics platform include the following:

  • Native Source Access: Stream data directly from Cloudera Impala and Search. Zoomdata doesn’t need to take custody of your data.
  • Stream Processing: The Zoomdata Server leverages a stream processing engine that supports both real time and historical data
  • Single Interface: Whether your using a web browser, tablet or phone, Zoomdata using a single interface for all devices
  • Big Data: Zoomdata implementations routinely support the processing of billions of records
  • Deployment Options: Zoomdata can either be installed onsite, or is accessible via the Zoomdata Cloud.

Predicting & Preventing Customer Churn

Cloudera Impala Sharpening Data

Spark In Memory Analysis

Cloudera Search and Facets


About Zoomdata

Zoomdata is the leading provider of Next Generation, Big Data Analytics software to Global 1000 enterprises. The Zoomdata interface allows users to easily Connect, Visualize, and Interact with data on bowsers and mobile devices. Once deployed, users are able to create interactive D3.JS based dashboards, fuse disparate data sources from across the enterprise into a single user experience and create a corporate data quilt that lets business users collaborate on the data that drives their business. Zoomdata is privately held, with headquarters in Reston VA.

Cloudera and Zoomdata Joint Solution

With the Zoomdata and Cloudera Partnership, businesses can rapidly deploy an end-to-end solution that capitalizes on the promise of big data. It begins with pre-built connectors that simplify the connection to your Impala and Search deployments within your enterprise data hub. Next, with Zoomdata patented micro-queries, billions of data points can light up visualization in a matter of seconds. Plus Zoomdata is able to access and analyze your data from its native source, rather copy it into a redundant database for analysis.