Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP:DS)

Gain Recognition as a Leader in Big Data

CCP: Data Scientists have demonstrated their skills in working with Big Data at an elite level. Candidates must prove their abilities under real-world conditions by designing and developing a production-ready data science solution that is peer-evaluated for its accuracy, scaleability, and robustness.

 I'm pumped to earn the CCP: Data Scientist credential! It holds true weight in the market because it replicates a real, sufficiently difficult Big Data scenario I would see on the job and requires a professional-level approach to solving problems. The exam captured all the relevant elements of data science and machine learning, and the Challenge made the experience completely non-trivial. 

– Oracle

Prove Your Expertise at the Highest Level

Candidates must pass both of the following components to earn the full CCP: Data Scientist credential:

Data Science Essentials (DS-200)

In the written exam portion of CCP:DS, candidates are evaluated on their knowledge of fundamental data science topics. Candidates must pass DS-200 to become eligible for a Data Science Challenge. DS-200 is available year-round.

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Data Science Challenge

In the practicum portion of CCP:DS, candidates are objectively evaluated and ranked based on their performance on a real-world data science problem. A Challenge must be passed within 24 months of completing DS-200 to earn CCP:DS. Challenges are offered twice per year, every other quarter. The Fall 2014 Data Science Challenge, which consists of three independent problems, each with its own data set, runs from October 21, 2014 through January 21, 2015.

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Benefits of CCP

Cloudera Certified Professionals have access to resources and perks reserved for leaders in the field of Big Data:

  • Certification verification tool for employers and customers
  • Profile listed under your CCP number allows to promote your skills and achievements
  • Access to the CCP professional designation on business cards résumés, and online profiles
  • Portfolio including your successfully completed Challenge to leverage for future projects
  • Printed certificate mailed to your address
  • Special offers on training and events

Audience & Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites to register for and take part in CCP Essentials exams. Candidates for the Data Science Challenge should have experience with Big Data tools, in-depth knowledge of data science topics, and expert-level ability solving real data science problems and developing data products, in addition to having successfully passed the Data Science Essentials (DS-200) exam.

Prepare Yourself

Introduction to Data Science

Start your journey to CCP with classroom training from Cloudera. Training participants learn best practices from accomplished technical instructors, gain hands-on experience with real data, and leverage the industry's deepest knowledge base, which is reflected in the CCP exams.

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Data Science Challenge Solution Kit

The Solution Kit is your best resource to get hands-on experience with a real-world data science challenge in a self-paced, learner-centric environment. It includes a live data set, a step-by-step tutorial, and a detailed explanation of the processes required to arrive at the correct outcomes.

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