Certification FAQ

    1. How do I schedule a test?
    2. Are there prerequisites? Do I need to take training to take a certification test?
    3. Does my certification expire?
    4. What is taking a Cloudera test like?
    5. What happens if I fail a test?
    6. I passed, but I’d like to take the test again to improve my score. Can I do that?
    7. Can I review my test or specific test questions and answers?
    8. What do I get when I pass my tests?
    9. How do I verify a certification?
    10. In what languages are the tests delivered?

    How do I schedule a test?

    To register and schedule a test, visit http://www.pearsonvue.com/cloudera.

    Individuals may pay with major credit cards and companies and organizations may buy vouchers in any quantity directly through Pearson VUE.

    In the U.S. and Canada, tests usually can be scheduled up to six weeks in advance, and as late as the same day. Scheduling policies vary at international locations.

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    Are there prerequisites? Do I need to take training to take a certification test?

    There are no prerequisites. Anyone can take a Cloudera Certification Test at anytime.

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    Does my certification expire?

    Read more on our expiration policy.

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    What is taking a Cloudera test like?

    Tests are proctored, timed, and delivered in a secure environment through Cloudera's test delivery partner, Pearson VUE.

    Candidates must acknowledge the Cloudera Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement online at the authorized testing center prior to taking any Cloudera certification test. Candidates will not be able to proceed with the test and a refund will not be provided. Signing this legal agreement is required to be officially certified.

    Tests can be very challenging, going beyond simple recall and requiring candidates to engage in real-world scenarios and apply a broad range of Apache Hadoop knowledge and skill to solve a problem. Questions include multiple-choice single answer and multiple-choice multiple answers.

    Tests are delivered through a secure system at the test center, with questions in sections that encompass a specific set of assessment objectives. The current test assessment objectives may be viewed on the individual certification pages, accessible here. Candidates may "mark" an item and return to it at anytime for review. The candidate also has the opportunity to review all items before submitting the test for scoring and have the option to review all items or just the items they’ve left unanswered.

    Candidates may not bring any personal items into the test testing space except for personal identification. No paper, notes, or writing instruments are allowed.

    Tests may contain non-scored items to collect performance data on new items. Non-scored items are not used in determining the passing score nor are reported in a subsection of the score report. All non-scored items are randomly placed in the test with sufficient time calculated and given to complete the entire test.

    At the completion of the test, candidates receive a score report along with a score breakout by test section and the passing score for the given test. Tests are Pass/Fail.

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    What happens if I fail a test?

    As with every Cloudera test, you are given a score report that informs you of your overall score and how you scored on each section of the test. From this score report, you will know which areas of the test you need to study before scheduling to take the test again.

    Candidates who fail a test must wait a period of seven (7) calendar days, beginning the day after the failed attempt, before they may retest for the same test. There is no limit to the number of retakes a candidate may attempt. There are no discounts for retake exams.

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    I passed, but I’d like to take the test again to improve my score. Can I do that?

    Retakes are not allowed after the successful completion of a test.

    A test result found to be in violation of the retake policy will not be processed, which will result in no credit awarded for the test taken. Repeat violators will be banned from participation in the Cloudera Certification Program.

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    Can I review my test or specific test questions and answers?

    Cloudera certification tests adhere to the industry standard for high-stakes certification tests, which includes the protection of all test content. As a certifying body, we go to great lengths to protect the integrity of the items in our item pool. Cloudera does not provide exam items in any other format than a proctored environment. As such, under no circumstances would we ever share information about any item on the test; doing so would forfeit our ability to administer that version of the test ever again.

    Simply stated: if we gave you the test, or any piece of it for review, that test can never be given again to anyone.

    We do understand the desire to understand where you might improve or what you missed, but simply cannot share that information except in the manner that we already do. You should have received a score report at the test center that delineates how you scored in each section of the test. You can map that score against the objectives listed on our website and the reading resources listed there. That is as much information as we can make public.

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    What do I get when I pass my tests?

    You receive a printed score report at the test center. This is provisional until validated by Cloudera. You may use this to show you completed the exam but it is not proof of certification. If you pass and your score is validated by Cloudera, you receive an email within 7-10 days from certification@cloudera.com. The email includes:

    • Notice that you passed and your score was validated
    • A digital copy of your certificate, good for printing and displaying
    • A welcome note

    Within a few days of your welcome email, you will receive an email invitation through LinkedIN to join our the Cloudera Certified Professionals LinkedIn group.

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    How do I verify a certification?

    Email certification@cloudera.com with the verification request. Include your name, email used at the time of the certification, Pearson VUE Cloudera testing ID, and the test date. We are working to launch a verification portal to automate this process.

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    In what languages are the tests delivered?

    We release all exams in English and Japanese. Language release dates are specified on the individual test pages.

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