Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce

Udacity Course on Writing Your First Big Data Program

Cloudera University’s free three-lesson online course with Udacity covers the fundamentals of Hadoop, from understanding Big Data to developing MapReduce code on the data in HDFS. This course is a good precursor to the developer learning path and the administrator learning path. All course materials are free -- choose "Start Free Courseware" on the Udacity landing page.


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 Cloudera's training was in-depth and relevant, from understanding the fundamentals of the Hadoop platform to building a data product with MapReduce. I immediately started on a proof-of-concept project in my workplace. 

– John Wiley & Sons

Begin Architecting Your Big Data Strategy

Hadoop is a powerful open-source platform for managing massive data sets at scale and has become an in-demand technical skill. Start on your path to Big Data expertise with our open, online course, Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce. Cloudera, the leader in Hadoop, has partnered with Udacity, a leader in online technology education, to meet the increasing demand for capable Hadoop professionals around the world.

Hands-On Hadoop

Through instructor-led lessons and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will navigate the Hadoop ecosystem, learning topics such as:

  • How Hadoop fits into the world (recognize the problems it solves)
  • Understanding the concepts of HDFS and MapReduce (find out how it solves the problems)
  • Writing MapReduce programs (see how we solve the problems)
  • Solving problems on your own

Audience & Prerequisites

This course is best suited to anyone who wants to work directly with Big Data (developers, administrators, architects, data analysts) or who needs to understand Hadoop and MapReduce (CTOs, CIOs, technical managers). A basic level of technical proficiency is valuable, and Udacity offers precursor courses on Computer Science that may be helpful. Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop is not required, although the Cloudera Essentials for Apache Hadoop video series is a useful companion course.

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Meet the Instructor: Jesse Anderson

In a sense, my job is to learn as much as I can about Hadoop as an effective and dynamic data platform and pass that insight on to others. How cool is that? 

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Meet the Instructor: Glynn Durham

Hadoop is clearly an important platform that helps users succeed in more ways with more data. But let’s be clear: it’s the data that’s most important.

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