Hadoop Tutorials

Use Ecosystem and Enterprise Tools to Extend Performance

Cloudera's tutorial series includes process overviews and best practices aimed at helping developers, administrators, data analysts, and data scientists get the most from their data. These videos introduce the basics of managing the data in Hadoop and are a first step in delivering value to businesses and their customers with an enterprise data hub.

Online Training: Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce

Start on your path to Big Data expertise with our open, online Udacity course. Cloudera University’s free three-lesson program covers the fundamentals of Hadoop, including getting hands-on by developing MapReduce code on data in HDFS.

Webinar: Get Started with Hadoop in Less Than Thirty Minutes

Using free, industry-leading tools like Cloudera Manager, you will learn how to install and manage Hadoop in the cloud for a quick and simple deployment. Hadoop can be a challenging platform to install, but with the knowledge you'll gain in this webinar, you can get POC cluster up and running in no time.

Video: Thinking at Scale

You know your data is BIG – you found Apache Hadoop. Now you need to understand what implications to consider when working at such massive scale. This video addresses common challenges and general best practices for scaling with your data.

Webinar: Productionizing Hadoop

Many Hadoop deployments start small solving a single business problem and then begin to grow as organizations find more value in their data. Moving a Hadoop deployment from the proof of concept phase into a full production system presents real challenges. Learn how some of the largest Hadoop clusters in the world were successfully productionized and the best practices they applied to running Hadoop.

Webinar: Contributing to Hadoop

Interested in contributing to the Apache Hadoop code or other Apache open-source projects? This presentation offers a quick tutorial for people who are new to the process.

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