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The Cloudera instructor was excellent, offering clear and concise instruction that was easy to understand. His wide-ranging peripheral knowledge helped apply the course material to real-world situations. I look forward to attending another class! 

– comScore

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Hands-On Hadoop

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will navigate the Hadoop ecosystem, learning topics such as:

  • The role of data scientists, vertical use cases, and business applications of data science
  • Where and how to acquire data, methods for evaluating source data, and data transformation and preparation
  • Types of statistics and analytical methods and their relationship
  • Machine learning fundamentals and breakthroughs, the importance of algorithms, and data as a platform
  • How to implement and manage recommenders using Apache Mahout and how to set up and evaluate data experiments
  • Steps for deploying new analytics projects to production and tips for working at scale

Audience & Prerequisites

This course is best suited to developers, data analysts, and statisticians with basic knowledge of Apache Hadoop: HDFS, MapReduce, Hadoop Streaming, and Apache Hive. Students should have proficiency in a scripting language; Python is strongly preferred, but familiarity with Perl or Ruby is sufficient.

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Data Scientist Certification

Upon completion of the course, attendees are encouraged to continue their study and register for the Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP:DS) exam. Certification is a great differentiator; it helps establish you as a leader in the field, providing employers and customers with tangible evidence of your skills and expertise.

Advance Your Career

Data scientists are among the world's most in-demand and highly-compensated technical roles. Check out some of the job opportunities currently listed that match the professional profile, many of which seek CCP:DS qualification.

Private Training

We also provide private training at your site, at your pace, and tailored to your needs.