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Lead the Hadoop movement

Hadoop is quickly becoming the most important component in the data stack, enabling open management and rapid processing of data at petabyte scale. Prepare to lead at every step in the data value chain and develop the skills to transform complex data sets and enable high-value analytics alongside core systems maintenance and utilization.


Administrator training

  • Configure, install, and monitor clusters for optimal performance
  • Implement security measures and multi-user functionality

Cloudera Manager training

  • Use Cloudera Manager to speed deployment and scale the cluster
  • Learn which tools and techiques improve cluster performance

HBase training

  • Implement massively distributed, columnar storage at scale
  • Enable random, real-time, read/write access to all data

My team had an exceptional Hadoop training experience. The Cloudera instructor's depth of knowledge and ability to address all our questions really kept us engaged. This was definitely one of the best, if not the best, course I have ever attended.


Get Certified

Certification identifies you as a true Hadoop expert. The big data space is growing rapidly, and certification gives you a clear advantage as an established leader in the field. With nearly 10,000 accredited data professionals, Cloudera Certification is the world’s most recognized and sought-after Hadoop qualification.

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Shifting the center of gravity for data management to Hadoop

E-Learning videos

Online resources for administrators: extend your learning path

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