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Equifax organizes, assimilates, and analyzes data on more than 600 million consumers and 80 million businesses worldwide to deliver insights that support a wide range of applications—from assessing a consumer’s credit risk to helping businesses grow their customer base to helping government agencies fight fraud.


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Equifax’s success depends on its ability to perform risk analysis and build data models very quickly, with a high degree of statistical accuracy. And as data volumes increased, the company’s need for accelerated turnaround time increased as well.

By deploying an advanced analytics environment powered by Cloudera as part of its long-term enterprise data hub (EDH) strategy, Equifax data scientists more quickly analyze much larger data sets so their models can be built in less time than prior methods, with a high degree of accuracy. And the real-time insights delivered by Impala, an analytic database, enable data scientists to more quickly test new theories as they design new data models.