Introducing Hue

Hue is a set of web applications that enable you to interact with a CDH cluster. Hue applications let you browse HDFS and work with Hive and Cloudera Impala queries, MapReduce jobs, and Oozie workflows.

Hue Architecture

Hue applications run in a Web browser and require no client installation. 

The following figure illustrates how Hue works. Hue Server is a "container" web application that sits in between your CDH installation and the browser. It hosts all the Hue web applications and communicates with various servers that interface with CDH components.


Starting Applications

To open a Hue application, click the appropriate tab in the navigation bar at the top of the Hue web browser window images/image2.png .

To open a second application concurrently (or a second instance of the same application), open it in a new tab. Right-click the tab and select Open link in new tab.

Displaying Help for the Hue Applications

To display the help text for a Hue application, click the Help ( images/image3.png ) tab in the Hue navigation bar, then click the appropriate link in the Help navigation bar at the top of the Help window.

Logging In and Out

To log out of Hue, click Sign Out from the pull-down list under the logged-in user name (at the right of the Hue navigation bar).

Notice of Misconfiguration

If Hue detects a misconfiguration, an indicator images/image4.png appears in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Clicking this takes you to the Check for misconfiguration page which will indicate the potential misconfiguration(s) with hints about fixing them.

Changing your Password

If authentication is managed by Hue (that is, authentication is not managed via some external mechanism), you can use the User Admin application to change your password. You can go directly to your own information by selecting Profile under the logged-in user name at the right of the Hue navigation bar. For more information, see the User Admin Help.

Seeking Help, Reporting Bugs, and Providing Feedback

The Hue team strongly values your feedback. The best way to contact us is to send email to

If you're experiencing transient errors (typically an error message saying a service is down), contact your system administrator first.