About Hue

The About Hue application displays the version of Hue you are running and lets you view configuration and logs.

Starting About Hue

To start the About Hue application, click images/image5.png in the navigation bar at the top of the Hue browser page.

About Hue Actions

Within the About Hue page you can:

  • Click the Configuration tab to view the current Hue configuration. This page shows a list of the installed Hue applications. Click the relevant tab under Configuration Sections and Variables to see the variables configured for a given application. The location of the configuration file is shown at the top of the page (by default in /etc/hue). Note that all Hue configuration settings are done in the hue.ini file.
  • Click the Check for misconfiguration tab to have Hue validate your Hue configuration. It will note any potential misconfigurations and provide hints as to how to fix them. You can edit the configuration file or use Cloudera Manager, if installed, to manage your changes.
  • Click the Server Logs tab to view the Hue Server logs. You can also download the logs to your local system as a zip file from this page.