This is the documentation for CDH 4.7.1. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Cloudera Manager 4 and CDH 4 have reached End of Maintenance (EOM) on August 9, 2015. Cloudera will not support or provide patches for any of the Cloudera Manager 4 or CDH 4 releases after that date.

Java Development Kit Installation

Install the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) before deploying CDH4.

  • To install the JDK, follow the instructions under Oracle JDK Installation. The completed installation must meet the requirements in the box below.
  • If you have already installed a version of the JDK, make sure your installation meets the requirements in the box below.
  Note: Requirements
  • If you are deploying CDH on a cluster, the same version of the Oracle JDK must be installed on each node.
  • The JDK should be installed in /usr/java/jdk-version.
    • In addition, to make sure the right version of the JDK is always used, follow these directions these directions.

After installing the JDK, and before installing and deploying CDH:

You may be able to install the Oracle JDK with your package manager, depending on your choice of operating system.

See this section for installation instructions.

This page last updated August 5, 2015