This is the documentation for Impala 2.1.x, included as part of CDH 5.3.x.
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Running Commands and SQL Statements in impala-shell

For information on available commands, see impala-shell Command Reference. You can see the full set of available commands by pressing TAB twice, for example:

[impalad-host:21000] >
connect   describe  explain   help      history   insert    quit      refresh   select    set       shell     show      use       version
[impalad-host:21000] >
  Note: Commands must be terminated by a semi-colon. A command can span multiple lines.

For example:

[localhost:21000] > select *
                  > from t1
                  > limit 5;
| s1      | s2        |
| hello   | world     |
| goodbye | cleveland |

A comment is considered part of the statement it precedes, so when you enter a -- or /* */ comment, you get a continuation prompt until you finish entering a statement ending with a semicolon:

[localhost:21000] > -- This is a test comment
                  > show tables like 't*';
| name   |
| t1     |
| t2     |
| tab1   |
| tab2   |
| tab3   |
| text_t |

Use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to cycle through and edit previous commands. impala-shell uses the readline library and so supports a standard set of keyboard shortcuts for editing and cursor movement, such as Ctrl-A for beginning of line and Ctrl-E for end of line.

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