Cloudera Manager Enterprise Edition User Guide

About this Guide

This User Guide is for Apache Hadoop developers and system administrators who want to automate CDH installation on a cluster using Cloudera Manager. Cloudera Manager includes an optional wizard to guide you through the easy steps of installing and configuring CDH, Cloudera Manager Server and Agents, Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK), and an embedded PostgreSQL database. The wizard then starts the Hadoop services on the cluster hosts. After completing the steps in the wizard, you can run MapReduce jobs, and use HDFS, Hue, HBase, ZooKeeper, or Oozie. You can also use the included Cloudera Manager Admin Console to change CDH configuration settings, add new services, monitor cluster usage, activities, and health, and view status and logs to troubleshoot problems.

The information in this guide is also available in the online Help included with Cloudera Manager.