This is the documentation for Cloudera Manager 4.8.6. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Cloudera Manager 4 and CDH 4 have reached End of Maintenance (EOM) on August 9, 2015. Cloudera will not support or provide patches for any of the Cloudera Manager 4 or CDH 4 releases after that date.

Monitoring Activities

Cloudera Manager's activity monitoring capability monitors the MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Oozie, and streaming jobs and the Impala queries that have run on your cluster. The Activity Monitor provides many statistics about the performance of and resources used by those jobs and queries. You can see which users are running jobs and queries, both at the current time and through views of historical activity. When the individual jobs are part of larger workflows (via Oozie, Hive, or Pig), these jobs are aggregated into activities that can be monitored as a whole, as well as by the component MapReduce jobs.

If you are running multiple clusters, there will be a separate link under the Activities tab for each cluster's MapReduce activities and each cluster's Impala queries.

Currently, only MapReduce v1 jobs can be monitored with Activity Monitor; MapReduce v2 (YARN) jobs are not currently supported in the Activity Monitor.

The following sections describe how to view and monitor activities that run on your cluster.

This page last updated September 8, 2015