Cloudera Navigator Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cloudera Navigator a module of Cloudera Manager?

Cloudera Navigator sits side-by-side with and complements Cloudera Manager. What Cloudera Manager is to managing services in CDH, Cloudera Navigator is to managing all the data stored in those CDH services.

Is Cloudera Navigator included as part of Cloudera Enterprise?

Cloudera Navigator can be purchased as an add-on to any of the Cloudera Enterprise products.

Can Cloudera Navigator be purchased standalone, that is, without Cloudera Manager?

Cloudera Navigator builds on top of Cloudera Manager. Therefore, Cloudera Enterprise Core is a prerequisite for Cloudera Navigator HDFS & and Hive, Cloudera Enterprise RTD for HBase support, and Cloudera Enterprise RTQ for Cloudera Impala support.

What Cloudera Manager and CDH releases does Cloudera Navigator 1.1.0 work with?

Cloudera Manager 4.5 and later, CDH 4.0 for HDFS and HBase, CDH 4.2 for Hive, Cloudera Impala 1.1.1.

Is Cloudera Navigator open source or closed source?

Cloudera Navigator is a closed-source management tool that adds to the Cloudera suite of management capabilities for Hadoop.

How are Cloudera Navigator logs different from Cloudera Manager logs?

Cloudera Navigator tracks and aggregates only the accesses to the data stored in CDH services and used for audit reports and analysis. Cloudera Manager monitors and logs all the activity performed by CDH services that helps administrators maintain the health of the cluster. The target audience of these logs are different but together they provide better visibility into both the data access and system activity for an enterprise cluster.

Will Cloudera Navigator be the tool to address all compliance issues in Hadoop?

Cloudera Navigator helps with compliance by tracking and providing a central dashboard to view accesses to all data in Hive, HDFS, and HBase. It is intended to complement existing cross-platform compliance tools by providing Hadoop-specific auditing information that can be imported into these tools.