This is the documentation for Cloudera Search 1.3.0 for CDH 4.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Upgrading Cloudera Search

There are several ways to upgrade an existing Cloudera Search installation. Generally, the process involves stopping Cloudera Search services, updating Search to the latest version, and then restarting Cloudera Search services. You can update Search to the latest version by using your operating system's package management tool and then restarting Cloudera Search services.

Upgrading with Cloudera Manager

If you are running Cloudera Manager, you can upgrade from within the Cloudera Manager Admin Console using parcels. For Search 1.x, which works with CDH 4, there is a separate parcel for Search. For Search for CDH 5, search in included within the CDH 5 parcel.

Upgrading Manually without Cloudera Manager

The update process is different for Search 1.x and Search for CDH 5. With Search 1.x, Search is a separate package from CDH. Thus, to upgrade from Search 1.x, upgrade to CDH 5, which includes Search as part of the CDH 5 repository.

  Important: Before attempting any upgrades it is extremely important to make backup copies of the following configuration files:
  • /etc/default/solr
  • All collection configurations

Make sure you copy every node that is part of the SolrCloud.