This is the documentation for Cloudera Search 1.3.0 for CDH 4.
Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Known Issues Fixed in Cloudera Search Version 1.1.0

— SolrJ fails to update or delete SolrCloud documents inserted using MapReduceIndexerTool.

When importing documents, if the number of MapReduce reducers was greater than the number of Solr shards, then MapReduceIndexerTool assigned documents to shards in a way that did not follow SolrJ SolrCloud sharding semantics. As a result, SolrJ would relay updates to a shard different from the one chosen by MapReduceIndexerTool. MapReduceIndexerTool and SolrCloud API now assign shards in the same way. Updating and deleting documents in SolrCloud using solrj now works for documents that have been inserted using MapReduceIndexerTool. This is true regardless of the number of MapReduce reducers and Solr shards.