This is the documentation for Cloudera 5.5.x. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.1.0

The following topics describe known issues fixed in CDH 5.1.0.

Apache Hadoop


The same DataNodes may appear in the NameNode web UI in both the live and dead node lists

Bug: HDFS-6180

Severity: Low

Workaround: None


YARN Fair Scheduler's Cluster Utilization Threshold check is broken

Bug: YARN-1640

Severity: Medium

Workaround: Set the yarn.scheduler.fair.preemption.cluster-utilization-threshold property in yarn-site.xml to -1.

ResourceManager High Availability with manual failover does not work on secure clusters

Bug: YARN-2155

Severity: Medium

Workaround: Enable automatic failover; this requires ZooKeeper.

Apache HBase

MapReduce over HBase Snapshot bypasses HBase-level security

The MapReduce over HBase Snapshot bypasses HBase-level security completely since the files are read from the HDFS directly. The user who is running the scan/job has to have read permissions to the data and snapshot files.

Bug: HBASE-8369

Severity: Medium

Workaround: MapReduce users must be trusted to process/view all data in HBase.

HBase snapshots now saved to the /<hbase>/.hbase-snapshot directory

HBase snapshots are now saved to the /<hbase>/.hbase-snapshot directory instead of the /.snapshot directory. This was a conflict introduced by the HDFS snapshot feature in Hadoop 2.2/CDH 5 HDFS.

Bug: HBASE-8352

Severity: High

Workaround: This should be handled in the upgrade process.


Oozie jobs don't support ResourceManager HA in YARN

If the ResourceManager fails, the workflow will fail.

Bug: None

Severity: Medium

Workaround: None

Apache Oozie

Oozie HA does not work properly with HCatalog integration or SLA notifications

This issue appears when you are using HCatalog as a data dependency in a coordinator; using HCatalog from an action (for example, Pig) works correctly.

Bug: OOZIE-1492

Severity: Medium

Workaround: None

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