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Leading Performance

Achieve order-of-magnitude performance increase compared to alternatives for the only true interactive analytic solution native to Hadoop. Built as a massively parallel processing (MPP) engine, Impala can support high-concurrency workloads to provide broad access to business analysts across the entire business, for the fastest time-to-insights.

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Compatible with familiar BI tools

Interact with Impala using the most well-known skills and tools to ensure easy adoption for all users. With ANSI SQL compatibility, you can minimize any business disruption as users can run new and existing SQL workloads by using the language they already know.

All the leading business intelligence (BI) tools seamlessly integrate with Impala for added compatibility so business users can continue to work with the tools on which they already rely.

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High-Performance, Cloud-Based Analytics

A modern data architecture needs to efficiently capture, store, process, and drive value from all data— wherever it resides, including in cloud object stores. With support for Amazon S3, Impala lets your business analysts get instant insights from all your data through high-performance, exploratory analytics and BI. Additionally, as part of Cloudera Enterprise, it’s easy to elastically scale Impala compute power to best support changing access and performance demands.

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Customer success with Impala

Hundreds of Cloudera customers are using Impala to power their BI and SQL analytic workloads for the fastest time-to-value.

“The Cloudera platform enables us to move faster and be more nimble. Queries that before ran overnight are now completed in three seconds.”


“Impala provides analysts with near-Netezza speeds, but on the Hadoop cluster”
Cox Automotive


Integrated across the platform

As an integrated part of Cloudera’s platform, Impala benefits from unified resource management (through YARN), simple administration (through Cloudera Manager), and compliance-ready security and governance (through Apache Sentry and Cloudera Navigator) — all critical for running in production.

Impala’s flexibility also supports all the common Hadoop file formats, including Apache Parquet, the leading columnar storage format.

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The growing Impala community

Impala is an Apache-licensed open source project and, with millions of downloads, it is a widely adopted standard across the ecosystem. Join the community to see how others are using Impala, get help, or even contribute to Impala.

Impala project

Impala User Group

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Expert support for Impala

Cloudera’s Impala experts are available across the globe and are ready to deliver world-class support 24/7. With more experience across more customers, for more use cases, Cloudera is the leader in Impala support so you can focus on results.

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