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Cloudera’s Analytic Database

Cloudera’s Analytic Database is the modern data platform that enables unprecedented agility for your business. With Hadoop at its core, it provides high-performance SQL analytics to big data, all with elastic scalability for your cloud and on-premise deployments. This open platform future-proofs your architecture for new and evolving business needs—ultimately providing more value at a lower cost.

Cloudera Helped Quotient Technologies Increase Sales by 230%

Design for Change

Bring in more data from new sources, actively adjust models based on changing needs, and iteratively design for a variety of use cases. With Cloudera’s analytic database, IT can now empower the business and make self-service a reality.

Active Data Optimization

High-Performance SQL BI and Exploration

Give your analysts all the productivity of high-performance, multi-user concurrency—plus compatibility with SQL and the leading BI tools they’re used to from traditional analytic databases—at big data scale.

Interactive SQL Engine

Go Beyond SQL

Make shared data the center of your architecture and converge multiple apps, frameworks, and users with the best-of-breed open standard tools for SQL and beyond. And, as an open platform, it’s designed to evolve to meet new and changing business needs. 

Business Value of an Enterprise Data Hub

Elastic Scale

Confidently scale your system to handle the demands of today and tomorrow. Cloudera’s platform lets you elastically and cost-effectively scale your cloud or on-premise deployments—as and when you need it.

BI in the Cloud

Key Use Cases

Data Preparation

Fast, flexible ETL over large data volumes, so data is always ready for your business

  • Process larger data volumes of any type
  • Distributed processing and best-of-breed technologies for the fastest performance
  • Prepared data available immediately for analytics with shared storage and metadata

EDW Optimization

Augment what you’re doing today and relieve unnecessary EDW pressure with Hadoop

  • Decrease storage costs and focus on high-value reporting data in the EDW
  • Unlimited scale keeps data accessible and out of archive
  • Eliminate contention and meet SLAs for routine reporting
  • Enable ad hoc and exploratory analytics for new insights

Self-Service BI & Exploration

Support high-performance, ad hoc access for more users for the fastest time-to-insights

  • No rigid data modeling encumbrances for agile acquisition
  • Interactive responses for iterative exploration and modeling
  • Confidently handle all BI and SQL users and integrate with the leading BI tools
  • Easily add nodes to handle more data and users

Privacy and Compliance First

More users accessing more data with more tools can often mean a security nightmare, especially for highly regulated or sensitive data. That is why Cloudera has built multi-layered security and governance into the core of its platform, so businesses can embrace the flexibility and accessibility of Hadoop without the risk to their data and reputation.

Cloudera’s Security & Governance

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