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Unlimited Data Access

Turning data into useful analytics is not an easy task, especially when the data is not accessable. Creating a data discovery and analytics environment with Cloudera’s EDH allows all of an organization's analytics professionals complete access to historic, full-fidelity, structured and unstructured data for ad-hoc analyses.

Learn how Cloudera stores and processes data for analytical use

Accelerate Time to Value

Producing valuable analytics is an iterative process that involves constant discovery of structured and unstructured data sets, multiple analysis techniques ranging from SQL to machine learning, and complete full-fidelity data access. With Cloudera analytics teams can explore raw data, prep data, and analyze data with little to no IT involvement.

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Privacy & Compliance First

With more users accessing more data, organizations expose themselves to risk. However, locking down everything is never the right decision as that limits analytic innovation. Deploying a data discovery and analytics environment on Cloudera’s EDH allows IT professionals to sleep easy knowing that data will remain encrypted and users can only access certain data.

Security for Hadoop

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