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Current Data Science Challenge

The current Data Science Challenge is live and runs October 21, 2014 through January 21, 2015.

The Fall 2014 Data Science Challenge incorporates three independent problems derived from real-world scenarios and data sets. Each problem has its own data, can be solved independently, and should take you no longer than eight hours to complete. The Fall 2014 Challenge includes problems dealing with online travel services, digital advertising, and social networks. You are welcome to use whatever tools you like to complete the Challenge. While using Cloudera technologies is not a requirement, you will find that big data technologies such as Hadoop more easily accommodate the scale of the data sets than more traditional tools.

Build a Winning Model

CCP candidates compete against each other and against a benchmark set by a committee including some of the world's elite data scientists. Participants who surpass evaluation benchmarks receive the CCP: Data Scientist credential.

Lead the Field

Those with the highest scores from each Challenge will have an opportunity to share their solutions and promote their work on and via press and social media outlets. All candidates retain the full rights to their own work and may leverage their models outside of the Challenge as they choose.

Meet the Data Scientist

Luis Quintela

The objective is to evangelize data science and analytics concepts and technologies and instantiate solutions at scale for our customers.

David F. McCoy

Data science is a half-scientific, half-engineering pleasure. There is the eureka factor of scientific investigation paired with the design satisfaction of coding.

Stuart Horsman

I joined Cloudera after earning CCP-DS and now get to think about, gain experience with, and help customers address real Big Data challenges in the wild.