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50+ Leading Data Experts from Top Companies Cover Topics from the Edge to AI

Cloudera Now is the world’s premier online big data event designed for architects, analysts, data scientists, engineers, IT specialists, developers and DBAs. Don’t miss this chance to hear about the latest developments in AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, and more in over 50 sessions, technical deep dives, demonstrations and customer use cases.

Get answers to your top questions while learning how to apply open source technology to accelerate your digital transformation in any cloud from the Edge to AI.


Doug Cutting, Chief Architect, Cloudera

Doug Cutting

Hadoop Founder, Cloudera

Hilary Mason, GM Machine Learning

Hilary Mason

GM Machine Learning, Cloudera

Founder, Chairman, CEO, Best-selling Author Forest Rim Technology

Bill Inmon

Founder, Chairman, CEO, Best-selling Author, Forest Rim Technology

Holden Karau, Developer Advocate, Google

Holden Karau

Developer Advocate, Google

Why Attend?

Big data, data science, and big innovation are in your DNA. Join your peers at Cloudera Now where you’ll hear industry experts and practitioners as they share real-world use-cases, success stories, and best practices.

Built for a technical audience

  • Architects
  • Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Engineers 
  • IT Specialists 
  • Developers 
  • DBAs 
  • Data Practitioners 
  • IoT Experts

Action oriented topics

  • Migration to the cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud

  • How to do Machine Learning at industrial scale

  • The latest Apache advances such as Kubernetes, Nifi, etc.

  • and much more

Access to 50+ sessions

  • Free event 
  • On-demand access after the event
  • 30+ technologies

Session Categories

Sessions will deep dive into the following categories.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry. Data science and machine learning are opening new doors in process automation, predictive analytics, and decision optimization. This track offers sessions spanning the entire data science lifecycle: development, test, and production. 

You’ll see examples of innovative analytics applications and systems for data visualization, statistics, machine learning, cognitive systems, and deep learning. We’ll show you how to use modern open source workbenches to develop, test, and evaluate advanced AI models before deploying them. You’ll hear from leading researchers, data scientists, analysts, and practitioners who are driving innovation in AI and data science. 

Sample technologies: TensorFlow, Keras, Apache Spark, PyTorch, Apache MXNet, Theano, DL4J, R, scikit-learn, DSX, Apache Zeppelin

Big Compute and Storage

Apache Hadoop continues to drive data management innovation at a rapid pace. Hadoop 3.0 adds container management to YARN, an object store to HDFS, and more. This track presents these advances and describes projects in incubation and the industry initiatives driving innovation in and around the Hadoop platform. 

You’ll learn about key projects like HDFS, YARN, and related technologies. You’ll interact with technical leads, committers, and experts who are driving the roadmaps, key features, and advanced technology research around what is coming next and the extended open source big compute and storage ecosystem. 

Sample technologies: Apache Hadoop (YARN, HDFS, Ozone), Apache Kudu, Kubernetes, Apache BookKeeper

Cloud, Big Data Architecture and Operations

A hybrid, multi-cloud data architecture that optimizes information placement and processing between on-premises data centers and the cloud is critical to scale and flexibility. But it must also provide a global and integrated view of all your data with consistent operations, governance, and security. 

This track provides the latest best practices on how to build modern data architectures. You’ll learn about key open source projects, including Apache Ambari, Cloudbreak, and related technologies and how they integrate with the latest cloud offerings to enable transformative changes. You’ll interact with technical leads, committers, and experts who are driving research, key features, and roadmaps in the extended open source big data architecture. 

Sessions cover the full deployment lifecycle, how to set up and manage high-availability configurations, and how DevOps practices can help speed solutions into production. You’ll learn how to manage data across the edge, the data center, and the cloud. And you’ll hear cutting-edge best practices for large-scale deployments. 

Sample technologies: Apache Ambari, Cloudbreak, DataPlane Service, AWS, Azure,GCP

Data Warehousing and Operational Data Stores

Data engineers and architects use multiple engines to process data in the most appropriate way, from batch ETL, to interactive SQL, to low latency NoSQL. Sessions will cover the SQL engines and tools that help users to derive the most from their data on premises and in the cloud and enrich their enterprise data warehouse (EDW). 

You’ll learn how NoSQL stores like Apache HBase are adding transactional capabilities that bring traditional operational data store (ODS) workloads to Hadoop and why data preparation is a key workload. You’ll meet Apache community rock stars and learn how these innovators are building the applications of the future. 

Sample technologies: Apache Hive, Apache Tez, Apache ORC, Apache Druid, Apache HBase, Apache Phoenix

Governance and Security

Your data lake contains a growing volume of diverse enterprise data, so a breach could be catastrophic. Privacy violations and regulatory infractions can damage your corporate image and long-term shareholder value. Government and industry regulations demand you properly secure and govern your data to assure compliance and mitigate risks. But as Hadoop and streaming applications emerge as a critical foundation of a modern data architecture, enterprises face new requirements for protection and governance. 

In this track, you’ll learn about the key enterprise requirements for governance and security of the extended data plane. You’ll hear best practices, tips, tricks, and war stories on how to secure and govern your big data infrastructure. 

Sample technologies: Apache Ranger, Apache Sentry, Apache Atlas, and Apache Knox

IoT and Streaming Analytics

The rapid proliferation of sensors and connected devices is fueling an explosion of data. Streaming data allows algorithms to dynamically adapt to new patterns in data, which is critical in applications like fraud detection and stock price prediction. Deploying real-time machine learning models in data streams enables insights and interactions not previously possible. 

In this track you’ll learn how to apply machine learning to capture perishable insights from streaming data sources and how to interface with devices at the “jagged edge.” Sessions present new strategies and best practices for real-time data ingestion and analysis. Presenters will show how to use these technologies to develop IoT solutions and how to combine historical with streaming data to build dynamic, real-time predictive systems for actionable insights. 

Sample technologies: Apache Nifi, Apache Storm, Streams Messaging Manager, Streaming Analytics Manager, Apache Flink, Apache Spark Streaming, Apache Beam, Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka


Amy O'Connor Chief Data and Information Officer, Cloudera
Arun Murthy Chief Product Officer, Cloudera
Justin Norman Director, Research and Data Science Services, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs
Charles Boicey Chief Innovation Officer and Cofounder, Clearsense LLC
Dave Shuman Industry Leader, IoT & Manufacturing, Cloudera
Adam Nepp Vice President of Sales, Miner & Kasch
Eva Nahari Director Product Management, Cloudera
Richard Harmon Industry Lead for Financial Services, Cloudera
Amr Awadallah, Ph.D. Global Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera
Shobana Neelakantan Engineering Manager, PayPal
Steve Totman Industry Lead for Financial Services, Cloudera
Justin Lyon CEO and Founder, Simudyne
Florian Muellerklein Data Scientist, Miner & Kasch
Michael Ger Managing Director, Cloudera
Akshitha Ramachandran Director, Harvard College Consulting Group
Ankur Agarwal Big Data & Analytics Lead, Telefonica O2 UK Ltd
Barbara Eckman Senior Principal Software Architect, Comcast
Alice Albrecht Manager, Data Science Strategy and Advising, Cloudera
Brent Biddulph Senior Director, Industry Solutions, Cloudera
Carsten Herbe Big Data Architect, Audi Business Innovation GmbH
Cindy Maike Vice President, Industry Solutions, Cloudera
Dor Kedem Lead Data Scientist, ING Bank
Edwin Scheepstra Business Analyst, Rabobank
Dr. Wasif Masood Data Scientist, T-Mobile Austria
Bethann Noble Director Product Marketing Machine Learning, Cloudera
Abhishek Sakhuja Senior Technology Leader, everis Benelux
Nick Vaughan Domain SME - Data Analytics & Modelling, Bank of England
Sanjay Kumar Senior Director, Industry Solutions, Cloudera
Ruslan Iushchenko Big Data Engineer, ABSA
Nisha Muktewar Research Engineer, Cloudera
Rohit Kuruppath Senior Application Engineer, Cox Communications
Uwe Weber Senior Big Data Engineer, Telefonica Germany
Zekeriya Besiroglu Strategy Advisor, Komtas
Naveen Peddamail Sr. Manager, Software Engineering, Walmart Labs
Abhishek Gupta Data Engineer, Walmart Labs
Carolyn Duby Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Amy M Andrade Chief Innovation Officer, Clearsense
Sanjeev Koranga Engineering Manager, PayPal
Owen O'Malley Co-founder & Technical Fellow, Cloudera
Paul Gibeault Solution Architect, Big Data, Micron Technology Inc.
Peter Wicks Hadoop Engineer, Micron Technologies Inc.
Pavan Chandrashekar Senior Big Data Engineer, Cox Communications
Robert Hryniewicz AI Evangelist, Cloudera
Sagar Kewalramani Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Shioulin Sam Research Engineer, Cloudera
Sridhar Leekkala Sr Manager II Software Engineering, Walmart
Weiwei Yang Software Engineer, Cloudera
Suresh Yadagotti Jayaram Sr Technical Architect, Florida Blue
Sunil Govindan Staff Engineer, Cloudera
Benjamin Hopp Solutions Architect, Imply
Jeremy Beard Data Warehouse Field Engineer, Cloudera
Wim Stoop Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera
John Charlton Cyber Security Manager, T-mobile
Murali Ramasami Senior Software Engineer, Cloudera
Niru Aniseti Director of Product Management, American Express
Richard Winter Chief Executive Officer, WinterCorp
Sridhar Ramalingam Technical Architect, Walgreens
Gupta Narayanam Technical Architect, Walgreens
Ian Brooks Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Krishnan Raman Senior Site Reliability Engineer, LinkedIn
Don Bosco Durai Chief Security Architect, Privacera
Madhan Neethiraj Senior Director Engineering, Cloudera
Rohit Balasubramanian Managing Director, Deloitte
Timothy Spann Field Engineer, Data in Motion, Cloudera
John Kuchmek Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Renu Tewari Director of Engineering, Cloudera
Surekha Saharan Software Engineer, Imply
Purnima Reddy Kuchikulla Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Joydeep Das VP Product Management
Santosh Kumar Senior Product Manager, Cloudera

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