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Get the inside track on your data-driven journey

Cloudera empowers people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. Watch now as we share best practices, practical advice, and hands-on workshops led by data experts, including Amy O’Connor, Ray Wang, GSK, and Komatsu. Together we will break down this critical journey and guide you to:

Think big, start smart, and iterate often.


Amy O'connor, Chief Data and Information Officer, Cloudera

Journey to a data-driven enterprise

Amy O'Connor, Chief Data and Information Officer, Cloudera

Mark Ramsey, R&D Chief Data Officer, GSK

Nine Key Learnings from GSK's Data Journey

Mark Ramsey, R&D Chief Data Officer, GSK

Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Fireside chat with Ray Wang

Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Jason Knuth, Product Manager, Komatsu

Komatsu Mining Customer Story

Jason Knuth, Senior Manager – Data Solutions, Komatsu



Welcome - Mick Hollison, Cloudera

Journey to a data-driven enterprise - Amy O'Connor, Cloudera

Becoming data-driven is much more than adding the latest technology innovations. For most organizations, becoming data-driven is a journey – a transformation and a cultural shift in how your entire organization thinks about data.

Join Cloudera’s Chief Data and Information Officer, Amy O’Connor, to learn how you can:

  • Think big - Set your organization-wide strategic goals and reasonable milestones
  • Start smart - Identify your differentiated data and work with use cases that align to your strategic goals
  • Iterate often - Build a data-centric Center of Excellence (CoE) that focuses on continuously learn, adapt, and automate decision making based on data

Fireside chat with Ray Wang, Constellation Research - Moderated by Amy O'Connor, Cloudera

Being data-driven in the digital era means organizations are able to predict more accurately. Transitioning from gut-driven to data-driven decisions allows organizations to capitalize on what would otherwise be lost opportunities.

Join Amy O'Connor, Chief Data and Information Officer, Cloudera, and Ray Wang, Founder, Constellation Research as they discuss:

  • Keys to becoming more data-driven
  • The most valuable trends business leaders need to pay attention to in order to disrupt their digital enterprise

Nine Key Learnings from GSK's Data Journey - Mark Ramsey, GSK

It can take as long as 12 years to bring a new drug or vaccine to market. Once achieved, pharmaceutical companies have a small window to recoup development costs before the patent expires. GSK realized they needed to not only reduce R&D costs but also speed up development. 

Join GSK’s senior vice president and R&D chief data officer, Mark Ramsey, as he talks about the nine key learnings on GSK’s journey to become a data-driven company. By making data consumable and available to all aspects of business decision-making, GSK is able to accelerate new product development and reduce costs while at the same time increasing drug safety.

Komatsu Mining Customer Story - Jason Knuth, Komatsu

Komatsu Mining’s cloud-based industrial IoT analytics platform optimizes machine performance using real-time data and analytics data collected from mining equipment in remote locations around the globe. Each machine can generate 30,000 to 50,000 unique time-stamped records in one minute that contribute to a complete picture of machine health and equipment safety. 

Join Komatsu’s product manager for analytics and smart solutions, Jason Knuth, as he shares how the company:

  • Now makes decisions based on customer needs instead of infrastructure limitations
  • Has doubled equipment utilization through industrial IoT analytics and machine learning
  • Can scale to handle an anticipated 30TB of data per month

The Cloudera Story - Rob Johnson, Cloudera

Closing Keynote - Mick Hollison, Cloudera


Business Solutions

10:30am - 11:00am: Machine Learning & Analytics for IoT: Use Cases & How to Get Started

Analytics and machine learning are critical to the success of your IoT deployments, and without the right data management & analytics strategy, your IoT projects can yield minimal results.
But, how do you get started? What are some of the quick wins that puts you in the right track towards success in IoT? How do you incrementally move up the value chain in your IoT analytics journey? How do you get started on building an open, scalable, and modular IoT architecture that is interoperable?

In this session, Cloudera's IoT experts will walk you through how you can get started with your IoT analytics journey and then incrementally progress towards more complex analytical use cases.

You will learn:

  • A representative IoT analytics journey and path forward
  • An edge-to-cloud architecture for IoT based on open standards
  • How you can push intelligence back out to the edge?
  • Key IoT customer use cases and examples

11:15am - 11:45am: Become a customer-centric company with data

Customers are central to the success of any organization. While a lot of time and money is spent acquiring new customers and retaining current customers, what if there was a smarter and more strategic way to ignite customer engagement and inform sales and marketing spend?

During this session, you will learn how Cloudera is helping organizations position themselves for growth by unlocking the power of data to better understand customers, learn from their behaviors, and deliver relevant interactions.

You will learn:

  • Where do you start? Suggestions for embarking on a data-driven journey
  • What are your options? Packaged versus custom solutions
  • What now? Recommendations on how to appropriately scale
  • How can you measure success? 

12:00pm - 12:30pm: Protect your business with data

As your business becomes more digitized and automated, traditional methods of mitigating risk are proven to be obsolete. Unlock the power of your data with machine learning and computational simulations, to make better decisions in lower risk, detect fraud, and prevent cyber attacks.

This session will go over some of the Cloudera and partners solutions that bring innovative approaches to enterprise risk.

You will learn:

  • What is agent based modeling (ABM) and how to use it to improve assessing different types of risks
  • How to use big data and an open data model to improve your response to cyber threats
  • A next generation platform for anti-money laundering


10:30am - 11:00am: Laying the Foundation for your Data-Driven Success

The right platform can put you on the path to data-driven success. It can be your insight factory, your innovation environment, and the engine that powers your digital transformation. This session will explore industry trends that are shaping the future of data platforms and highlight key architectural considerations for delivering machine learning and analytics in the cloud.

You will learn:

  • The business impact of a unified platform with diverse analytic engines
  • How to approach data security and governance across multiple workloads
  • How deployment environments and deployment options may vary based on workload

11:15am - 11:45am: Building the Modern Data Warehouse

Whether it's around empowering analysts with self-service flexibility; running the business through real-time dashboards; migrating to cloud environments; or advancing insights with more complex workflows and data science, the requirements for business intelligence and analytics are rapidly changing. Requirements that legacy databases are simply not designed to handle. Rather than just trying to keep up with the status quo, modernizing your data warehouse can help you tackle these new opportunities as well as power your existing analytics with greater flexibility, performance, and scale. In this session, we will cover the key drivers for modernizing analytics, the supporting technologies and capabilities, and how you can ultimately get more value from your data all at a lower cost.

You will learn:

  • The motivations and benefits of modernizing analytics
  • Key capabilities of Cloudera's solution and best practices for modernizing your data warehousing architecture
  • How to empower end-users through self-service discovery and analytics
  • Common workload patterns and considerations for analytics in the cloud
  • Real-world implementations and success stories

12:00pm - 12:30pm: Data Science and Machine Learning: Architecting for ROI

Having spent $10B on advanced analytics and machine learning software in 2016 (IDC), it’s clear that businesses are recognizing the value of new tools to extract and act upon patterns in data. But the journey from research and proof-of-concept to fully operationalizing these capabilities to drive business outcomes is much less traveled. From organizing skills and defining winning use-cases, to managing data flows and ensuring compliance, a successful strategy relies on a complex matrix of people and technologies, and must enable agility for innovation while providing also efficiency, flexibility, security and scale.

You will learn:

  • Examples of success (and failure) in the delivery of sophisticated data based products and capabilities, based on real client examples
  • A typical end-to-end data science and machine learning workflow including the people, process, platforms and tools involved
  • Architectural characteristics of an ideal enterprise platform for data science and machine learning
  • Key considerations and recommended best practice based on expertise from Cloudera and Fast Fast Forward Labs, our Partners and Clients

Customer Success

10:30am - 11:00am: Unlocking the business value of data at Chesapeake Energy

Capturing and analyzing petabytes of raw streaming data is interesting, but what happens when you build your business on data-driven insights? For Chesapeake Energy, it can mean hundreds of millions of dollars a year in operational efficiencies and a significant competitive advantage. In this session, we'll highlight Cloudera's partnership with Chesapeake in its drive to digital transformation.

You will learn:

  • Initial use case discovery and how needs and goals change over time
  • IoT architecture that supports data ingest from 70-trillion sensors
  • Challenges overcome and lessons learned 
  • How to apply this customer success methodology to your organization

11:15am - 11:45am: The journey to compliance and beyond

When you’re one of the largest financial institutions in the world, failure to meet compliance regulations is simply not an option. With millions of dollars for noncompliance at stake, Barclays looked to Cloudera to deliver a platform that would track and secure all electronic communications. In this session, we will look beyond the technology, to the people and processes required to complete this critical regulatory requirement on time and under tight deadlines.

You will learn:

  • The importance of cross-functional collaboration 
  • The resources and skill-sets needed to deliver on mission-critical projects
  • How Barclays took lessons learned from this compliance project and applied them to other data-driven use cases
  • How to apply Cloudera’s customer success methodology to your organization

12:00pm - 12:30pm: Panel - How Cloudera runs a data-driven business

In "The Cloudera Story" keynote, Rob Johnson reviewed a few of the strategic initiatives that Cloudera is working on using its own technology. In this breakout, listen to a panel of Clouderans who have been key parts of the Cloudera Journey for many of these strategic initiatives and listen to them give some guidance and inspiration to our customers on what they can accomplish with Cloudera.


Amy O'Connor Chief Data and Information Officer, Cloudera
Mick Hollison Chief Marketing Officer, Cloudera
Ray Wang Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research
Mark Ramsey R&D Chief Data Officer, GSK
Jason Knuth Senior Manager – Data Solutions, Komatsu
Patrick Angeles Chief Architect, Financial Services, Cloudera
Stefanie Dombek Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations and Analytics, Cloudera
Eddie Garcia Chief Information Security Officer, Cloudera
Mitch Gomulinski Solutions Marketing, Cloudera
Justin Hancock Manager, Customer Success, Cloudera
Richard Harmon Industry Lead for Financial Services, Cloudera
Linden Hillenbrand VP, Customer Success, Cloudera
Rob Johnson Director of Data Engineering, Cloudera
James Kinley Principal Data Architect, Cloudera
Santosh Kumar Sr. Product Manager, Cloudera
Justin Lyon CEO, Simudyne
Bethann Noble Director Product Marketing Machine Learning, Cloudera
Vijay Raja Solutions Marketing Lead for IoT, Cloudera
Mihaela Risca Solutions Marketing, Cloudera
Dave Shuman Industry Leader, IoT & Manufacturing, Cloudera
Michael Stephenson Senior Data Architect, Cloudera
David Tishgart Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cloudera
Steve Totman Industry Lead for Financial Services, Cloudera
Adam Warrington Director, Engineering, Cloudera


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