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Learn how Cloudera’s open source data platform enables our public sector customers to extract actionable insights from complex data across on-premise and hybrid/multi cloud environments, anywhere, from the Edge to AI. This half-day technical event will include deep dive sessions and demonstrations from our product and engineering teams, as well as current public sector use cases.

If you are unable to register due to company filters or firewalls, please email Michelle Meadows ( for further assistance. 


12 Minutes

Welcome and Opening Remarks

55 Minutes

Keynote and Cloudera Data Platform Roadmap

Fred Koopmans, VP, Product Management

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is the industry’s first enterprise data cloud, delivering a comprehensive set of multi-function analytic experiences on any data, anywhere, with common security, governance, and control. In this exclusive product roadmap session, we will provide an update on CDP, both the on-premises software and private cloud service.

33 Minutes

Streaming Data and Analytics with Cloudera Data Flow

Joe Witt, VP, Engineering

Learn about Cloudera's scalable, real-time streaming analytics platform that ingests, curates, and analyzes data for key insights and immediate actionable intelligence. This session addresses the key challenges missions face with data-in-motion.

33 Minutes

Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence on Cloudera

Ian Brooks, Solutions Engineer and Data Scientist & David Kemp, Solutions Engineer

By taking an "AI factory" approach to turning data into decisions, you can make the process of building, scaling, and deploying enterprise ML and AI solutions automated, repeatable, and predictable. Only through the industrialization of AI will you be able to shift focus from technology to outcomes, empower continuous optimization and learning across your agency, and turn data into predictions at any scale, anywhere. During the session, attendees will:

  • Learn that data science is a platform decision
  • Understand how Big Data can lead to higher performing ML models in production
  • Appreciate the value that Open Source software brings to an agency and the mission
30-60 Minutes

Breakout Sessions

Technical Deep-dive into Cloudera Data Flow (powered by Apache Nifi) Workshop

Joon Kim, Senior Solutions Engineer

This technical deep-dive addresses the key challenges agencies face with data-in-motion. This session will cover:

  • Enabling the edge-to-enterprise journey for streaming data at scale
  • Tracking data provenance and lineage of streaming data
  • Managing and monitoring edge applications and streaming sources


Journey to Cloudera Data Platform - Data Center

Karthik Krishnamoorthy, Director, Product Management

CDP Data Center is a completely reimagined data platform. It unifies the latest open-source analytics into a multi-function analytics and data management system. This integrated data platform is easy to deploy, manage, and use and leverages machine learning to intelligently autoscale workloads up and down for more cost-effective use of cloud infrastructure. CDP manages data in any environment, including multiple public clouds, bare metal, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. With Cloudera's Shared Data Experience (SDX), the security and governance capabilities in CDP, agencies can confidently deliver secure analytics running against data anywhere. CDP is a new approach to enterprise data, anywhere from the Edge to AI.


Optimizing Performance & Resource Utilization for Large Scale Clusters using Cloudera Workload Manager

Raman Rajasekhar, Senior Product Manager

This session covers the benefits of Cloudera Workload Experience Manager (XM) which gives users the visibility necessary to efficiently migrate, analyze, optimize, and scale workloads running in a modern data warehouse. We’ll discuss common challenges faced when running at scale with a modern data warehouse, benefits of end-to-end visibility into workload lifecycles, and share an overview of Workload XM including a live demo.

30-40 Minutes

Breakout Sessions

Get Control of Kafka Streams with Cloudera SMM

Tim Spann, Principal DataFlow Field Engineer

This session introduces Cloudera Streams Management (CSM), a capability within the Cloudera DataFlow(CDF) platform that combines the power of Apache Kafka and some key management and monitoring capabilities that make your life working with Apache Kafka easier. Learn about the architecture and tools that agencies need to run their critical streaming use cases in production.


Securing Your Cluster

Jonathan Hsieh, Director Product Management, Data Management

Learn about centralized security and compliance policies that are enforced across multiple workloads. Gain deeper insights from data faster with a powerful set of shared services that deliver self-service access to data and analytics for increased agility and innovation, at lower costs with reduced risk.


Streaming Analytics Powered by Apache Flink

Marton Ballasi, Engineering Lead, Streaming Analytics & Simon Ball, Sr. Director, Product Management

Learn how Cloudera Streaming Analytics, powered by Apache Flink, provides real-time stateful processing of IoT-scale data streams and complex events for predictive insights. Stream processing and analytics are important for agencies managing millions of data points and complex events coming from various streaming sources. Flink allows agencies to process high-volumes of streaming data at high-scale. With this distributed processing engine and scalable data analytics framework, agencies can now deliver predictive insights in real-time. Cloudera Streaming Analytics also provides communication, fault tolerance, and data distribution for large scale computations over data streams while processing both stored and real-time data as it is generated. With SDX (Shared Data Experience) it delivers complete security with the capability to set both data and metadata policies for security and governance one time and then automatically enforces them across each cloud or on-prem environment.

5 Minutes

Closing Remarks


VP and General Manager, Public Sector

Shaun Bierweiler

Fred Koopmans
VP, Product Management

Fred Koopmans

VP, Engineering

Joe Witt

Solutions Engineer and Data Scientist

Ian Brooks

Solutions Engineer

David Kemp

Sr. Product Manager

Raman Rajasekhar

Principal DataFlow Field Engineer

Tim Spann

Engineering Lead, Streaming Analytics

Marton Balassi

Director Product Management, Streaming Analytics and Cyber ML

Simon Ball

Sr. Solutions Engineer

Joon Kim

Director Product Management

Karthik Krishnamoorthy

Director Product Management, Data Management

Jonathan Hsieh

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