About this Training

This course, available exclusively through Cloudera OnDemand, introduces CDP Data Visualization, a fully integrated visualization layer across CDP experiences and form factors. Through recorded demonstrations and expert instruction, the course guides you through the complete CDP Data Visualization workflow, from connecting to data to sharing interactive applications with a wider audience.

What Skills You Will Gain

During this course, you learn how to:

  • Access CDP Data Visualization from multiple CDP applications
  • Connect to data sources and import data
  • Create and modify datasets, and establish correlations and joins between tables
  • Produce visuals and customize their behavior and appearance
  • Set up, edit, configure, and share dashboards
  • Create, launch, and share applications
  • Customize workspaces for collaboration and access control

Who Should Take this Course

This course is designed for data scientists, data analysts, and business professionals who have an interest in creating data visualizations. Some prior understanding of tabular data and related concepts, plus having some experience with SQL, is beneficial, but not required.

To follow along with the demonstrations and to complete the suggested exercises, participants must have access to a CDP environment equipped to run CDP Data Visualization, either within Cloudera Data Warehouse or Cloudera Machine Learning, or access to a Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) instance in which they can run CDP Data Visualization.

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Course Details


Accessing DataViz

  • Accessing DataViz in CDSW and CML
  • Accessing DataViz in CDW
  • Exercise: Accessing DataViz

Terminology and Workflow

  • Introduction to the CDP Data Visualization UI
  • Basic Terminology
  • CDP DataViz Workflow

Connecting to Your Data

  • Connecting to Your Data
  • Exercise: Connecting to Your Data 

Creating and Editing Datasets

  • What Are Datasets?
  • Creating Datasets
  • Editing Datasets
  • Exercise: Creating a Dataset

Creating and Editing Visuals

  • Creating Visuals
  • Exploring the Visual Editor Screen
  • Configuring Visuals
  • Configuring Visual Look and Feel
  • Exercise: Creating and Customizing Visuals

Designing Dashboards

  • Creating Dashboards and Performing Basic Operations
  • Adding and Rearranging Visuals
  • Filter Widgets
  • Exercise: Creating a Dashboard with Filters
  • Filter Scope
  • Explicit Filtering in Practice
  • Filter Widgets, Parameters, and Scope Summarized
  • Visual Context Menus
  • Exercise: Advanced Filtering and Click Behavior
  • Dashboard Settings and Style
  • Exercise: Customizing Dashboards

Designing Applications

  • Designing Applications
  • Exercise: Designing Your First Application


  • Workspaces
  • Exercise: Creating and Using Custom Workspaces

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