100% of the top 5 US intelligence agencies run Cloudera.

On average, government agencies store 1.6 petabytes of data and expect to have 2.6 petabytes by 2014. One third of that data is unstructured. If government agencies could effectively analyze these petabytes of data, society would reap the benefits. But budgets are limited, and the technical requirements to analyze petabyte-scale data surpass the limits of today's supercomputers.

Apache Hadoop addresses this problem by distributing parallel processing across low-cost, industry standard servers. Cloudera makes it easier for government organizations to adopt Hadoop via training, software, and expert support and services. And as a member of TechAmerica Foundation’s Big Data Commission, Cloudera has worked alongside industry leaders to publish a comprehensive report that demystifies the term “Big Data” for government agencies by defining key terms, explaining the underlying technology in simple terms, and identifying best practices and lessons learned from early efforts.

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Cyber Security & Fraud Detection

To prevent cyber attacks, government organizations must collect and analyze all detailed data produced during network-based interactions. The largest, most comprehensive data set will produce the most accurate, precise and predictive result. Cloudera helps agencies cost-effectively store and manage data of all shapes and formats in a single place for more comprehensive and flexible analytics that help to identify fraudulent activity before it happens.

Geospatial, Image & Video Processing

One third of all the data that government organizations collect is unstructured, comprised largely of spatial, image and video data. But processing this unstructured data and making it available for analysis is complex.

Hadoop makes data processing of massive volumes of multi-structured data fast, flexible and affordable, and Cloudera helps government organizations put Hadoop into production quickly and reliably.

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Government Big Data Solutions

TechAmerica Report: Demystifying Big Data Read the report.
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Big Data Success in Government

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