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Data governance and compliance

DataCo has moved into bigger business thanks to the Big Data projects you've contributed to. As more and more users start using the Enterprise Data Hub you built, it starts getting more complicated to manage and trace data and access to data. In addition, as your previous deliveries created such success, the company has decided to build out a full EDH strategy, and as a result lots of sensitive data is headed for your cluster too: credit card transactions, social security data, and other financial records for DataCo.

Your Management: is worried about security controls and ability to audit the access for compliance.

You: need to resolve their concerns and you want to make it easier to manage who does what on your cluster for back-charging purposes too.

Some people are questioning exactly how the decision was made to change the pricing on the website. You realize this is the perfect chance to prove yourself again.

You need to demonstrate that you can:

  • Easily show who has queried the data
  • Show exactly what has been done with it since it was created
  • Enforce policies about how it gets managed in the future

Cloudera Navigator provides a solution to all these problems. If using Cloudera Live, you can find a link in the Govern Your Data section of your Guidance Page, which your welcome email will direct you to. In using the QuickStart VM, the username is 'cloudera' and the password is 'cloudera'.

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