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Exercise 4: Building a Dashboard

To get started with building a dashboard with Hue, click on the pen icon.

This will take you into the edit-mode where you can choose different widgets and layouts that you would like to see. You can choose a number of options and configurations here, but for now, just drag a barchart into the top gray row.

This will bring up the list of fields that are present in our index so that you can choose which field you would like to group by. Let's choose request_date.

For the sake of our display, choose +15MINUTES for the INTERVAL.

You aren't limited to a single column, you can view this as a two-column display as well. Select the two-column layout from the top left.

While you're here, let's drag a pie chart to the newly created row in the left column.

This time, let's choose department as the field that we want to group by for our pie chart.

Things are really starting to take shape! Let's add a Facet filter to the left hand side, and select product as the facet.

Now that we are satisfied with our changes, let's click on the pencil icon to exit edit mode.

And save our dashboard.

At the Hue project's blog you can find a wide selection of video tutorials for accomplishing other tasks in Hue. For instance, you can watch a video of a similar Search dashboard to this example being created here.

You may also be interested in more advanced training on the technologies used in this tutorial, and other ways to index data in real-time and query it with Solr in Cloudera's Search Training course.

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