Getting Started as an Altus Administrator

You can use the Cloudera Altus console to perform administrative tasks. You can use it to set up access and authorization for users in your organization and monitor clusters and jobs. You also use it to set up an Altus environment to establish the AWS resources that Altus users can access.

To get started as an administrator for Cloudera Altus, complete the following tasks:
  1. Verify that the following have been set up with Cloudera:
    • A subscription to Altus.
    • A Cloudera account assigned to you that is designated as an account administrator.

      You use the Cloudera account to log in to the Altus console. As an account administrator, you have privileges to set up an Altus environment and user authorization.

  2. Set up the AWS account to meet requirements for Altus.
    • Verify that the AWS account has resources that meet Altus requirements. For more information about the AWS resources required for Altus see AWS Account Requirements .
    • Ensure that you have access to an AWS user account with the permissions required to create policies and roles in AWS. For more information about the AWS privileges required for an Altus administrator, see AWS Permissions .
  3. Set up an Altus environment for your organization.

    An Altus environment describes the resources in your AWS account available to Altus users for clusters and jobs. You must set up at least one Altus environment for users in your organization.

    You can create as many Altus environments as you require. If users must access different resources in a shared AWS account, you can set up an Altus environment for each set of resources. For example, you can create multiple Altus environments to access different networks or different S3 buckets within the AWS account. You can then assign the Altus environments to different users so they can access only the resources you allow them to use.

    You can also create multiple Altus environments to describe the same set of resources. However, having multiple Altus environments for the same set of resources can be inefficient and confusing. Cloudera recommends that you create an Altus environment for a unique set of AWS resources.

    For more information about setting up the Altus environment, see Environment Setup.

  4. Set up user access and authorization in Altus.

    Assign roles and provide access to an Altus environment to all Altus users in your organization. The role and environment that you set up for a user determines the areas of the Cloudera Altus console that the user can access and the commands that the user can run using the Altus client.

    When you set up a user account in Altus, you must assign the user at least one role. Otherwise, the user cannot perform any task in Altus.

    For more information about setting up access and authorization for Altus users, see User Authorization Setup.

    For more information about policies and roles, see Roles and Resource Roles.