Upgrading Mahout

Upgrading Mahout from CDH 4 to CDH 5

To upgrade Mahout to CDH 5, you must uninstall the CDH 4 version and then install the CDH 5 version. Proceed as follows.

Step 1: Remove CDH 4 Mahout

To remove Mahout on a Red Hat system:

$ sudo yum remove mahout

To remove Mahout on a SLES system:

$ sudo zypper remove mahout

To remove Mahout on an Ubuntu or Debian system:

$ sudo apt-get remove mahout

Step 2: Install CDH 5 Mahout

See Installing Mahout.

Upgrading Mahout from an Earlier CDH 5 Release to the Latest CDH 5 Release

To upgrade Mahout to the latest release, simply install the new version; see Installing Mahout.