Re-Running the Cloudera Manager Upgrade Wizard

Minimum Required Role: Full Administrator

The first time you log in to the Cloudera Manager server after upgrading your Cloudera Manager software, the upgrade wizard runs. If you did not complete the wizard at that time, or if you had hosts that were unavailable at that time and still need to be upgraded, you can re-run the upgrade wizard:
  1. Click the Hosts tab.
  2. Click Re-run Upgrade Wizard. This takes you back through the installation wizard to upgrade Cloudera Manager Agents on your hosts as necessary.
  3. Select the release of the Cloudera Manager Agent to install. Normally, this is the Matched Release for this Cloudera Manager Server. However, if you used a custom repository (instead of for the Cloudera Manager server, select Custom Repository and provide the required information. The custom repository allows you to use an alternative location, but that location must contain the matched Agent version.
  4. Specify credentials and initiate Agent installation:
    • Select root or enter the username for an account that has password-less sudo permission.
    • Select an authentication method:
      • If you choose password authentication, enter and confirm the password.
      • If you choose public-key authentication, provide a passphrase and path to the required key files.
    • You can specify an alternate SSH port. The default value is 22.
    • You can specify the maximum number of host installations to run at once. The default value is 10.

When you click Continue the Cloudera Manager Agent is upgraded on all the currently managed hosts. You cannot search for new hosts through this process. To add hosts to your cluster, click the Add New Hosts to Cluster button.