Upgrading Oozie

Follow these instructions to upgrade Oozie to CDH 5 from RPM or Debian Packages.

Upgrading Oozie from an Earlier CDH 5 Release

The steps that follow assume you are upgrading Oozie as part of an overall upgrade to the latest CDH 5 release and have already performed the steps under Upgrading from an Earlier CDH 5 Release to the Latest Release (version 5.12).

To upgrade Oozie to the latest CDH 5 release, proceed as follows.

Step 1: Back Up the Configuration

Back up the Oozie configuration files in /etc/oozie and the Oozie database.

For convenience you may want to save Oozie configuration files in your home directory; you will need them after installing the new version of Oozie.

Step 2: Stop the Oozie Server.

To stop the Oozie Server:

sudo service oozie stop

Step 3: Install Oozie

Follow the procedure under Installing Oozie and then proceed to Configuring Oozie after Upgrading from an Earlier CDH 5 Release.