Upgrading CDH and Managed Services Using Cloudera Manager (version 5.12)

You can use Cloudera Manager to upgrade CDH for major, minor, and maintenance upgrades. The procedures vary depending on the version of Cloudera Manager you are using and from which versions of CDH you are upgrading. Procedures to upgrade Cloudera Manager installations are different when using parcels compared to packages.

After completing preparatory steps, you use the Cloudera Manager upgrade wizard to complete the upgrade. If you use parcels (recommended), have enabled HDFS High Availability, and have a Cloudera Enterprise license, you can perform a rolling upgrade that does not require you to take the cluster offline during the upgrade.

The Cloudera Manager minor version must always be equal to or greater than the CDH minor version because older versions of Cloudera Manager may not support features in newer versions of CDH. For example, if you want to upgrade to CDH 5.4.8, you must first upgrade to Cloudera Manager 5.4 or higher. To upgrade Cloudera Manager, see Overview of Upgrading Cloudera Manager.

Choose one of the following procedures to upgrade CDH using Cloudera Manager:

Upgrading CDH 5.x

The procedures for upgrading to CDH 5.x differ for minor release upgrades and maintenance release upgrades.

Minor Version Upgrades

To upgrade CDH 5.x to a higher version of CDH, for example from CDH 5.4 to CDH 5.8, select one of the following options:
  • Upgrading to CDH 5.x Using a Rolling Upgrade (version 5.12)

    This option uses Cloudera Manager parcels and allows you to upgrade your cluster without having to stop the cluster. You must have HDFS high availability enabled and have a Cloudera Enterprise license.

  • Upgrading to CDH 5.x Using Parcels (version 5.12)

    This option upgrades your cluster using parcels, but requires you to restart the cluster before completing the upgrade.

  • Upgrading to CDH 5.x Using Packages (version 5.12)

    This option is the most time consuming and requires you to log in using ssh and execute a series of package commands on all hosts in your cluster. Cloudera recommends that you instead upgrade your cluster using parcels, which allows Cloudera Manager to distribute the upgraded software to all hosts in the cluster without having to log in to each host. If you installed the cluster using packages, you can upgrade using parcels and the cluster will use parcels for subsequent upgrades.

Maintenance Version Upgrades

Maintenance upgrades fix critical bugs or address security issues. No new functionality or incompatible changes are introduced. The version numbers for maintenance releases differ only in the third digit, for example, when upgrading from CDH 5.8.0 to CDH 5.8.2.

To upgrade to a maintenance release, you only need to perform a subset of the Minor version upgrade steps. Follow the same procedures as for minor version upgrades but skip the steps that are labeled as follows:

[Not required for CDH maintenance release upgrades.].